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~The Band SALT~
~The Band SALT~  (almost 10 years ago)
Thanks for your friendship and wonderful message. Really appreciate that.
dR1  (almost 10 years ago)
Very Good Selection of Tracks & Artists here ... 。 Nice SoUnd...unique SoUnd ! ! !. . ♫ . ♪ . ♫ . 。 keep up the good work ! 。 。 I support those who support me. !。 - - - dR1 - - - 。 http://www.myspace.com/dominicdr1 http://turmoilmusic.com/profile/dR1 。
Taylor Tickner
Taylor Tickner  (almost 10 years ago)
Thank you for being a fan of my music!
Terry Holder
Terry Holder  (almost 10 years ago)
Thank you for being my fan and listening to my music!
Bonnie and Clyde ®
Bonnie and Clyde ®  (almost 10 years ago)
Thanks for the add. Outlaws need all the allies and safe houses they can get!
Elena Lukina - EL
Elena Lukina - EL  (almost 10 years ago)
Thank you ! Best wishes ! Elena
The Alex Hamilton Band
The Alex Hamilton Band  (almost 10 years ago)
Thanks for your support folks ... :: Respect from the Boogie Bros in Scotland ::
Tracy Woody
Tracy Woody  (almost 10 years ago)
TRIPLE Thanks for the increasing of awareness of my music! Appreciate it much!
DESTROY SHE SAID  (almost 10 years ago)
Hope all's well in your neck of the woods. Cheers THE DSS
The Mad Pride
The Mad Pride  (almost 10 years ago)
Hi Risze Records folk, thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. I have 34 free mp3 downloads here and on Facebook in case you're interested. All the best. Rowan :) www.facebook.com/TheMadPride