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Wayne Mason
Wayne Mason  (about 8 years ago)
Cool, man. I've really dug our collaborations!
Dynamic  (about 8 years ago)
That Kosmik Blendz is hot. I found my freestyling on it. Tight beats! One Love Dynamic
Free World Radio Telecasting™
Free World Radio Telecasting™  (about 8 years ago)
Excellent experience on your collaboration with Wayne Mason! "Cryptic Smiles" is an amazing walk down a poetic alleyway! M
Fathers Little Inventor F.L.I.
Fathers Little Inventor F.L.I.  (about 8 years ago)
dig dig digging the sound man. I cant imagine how many times you've heard that but It's pretty chillin. Also given that your ranked number 2 in a LARGE ASS CITY... i would assume you must be good just based off of that. Props!
LPB band
LPB band  (about 8 years ago)
Hi AKMUK! Thanks for the friend request! Great music! Wonderful sounds and tunes! Really enjoyed listening to your tracks! Wish you all the best!
Allen Wentz
Allen Wentz  (about 8 years ago)
Thanks 4 the kind words. I'm diggin' "The Getaway" !
cesli vane
cesli vane  (about 8 years ago)
AKMUK A very felicitous fusion Lovin' your fabulous jazz chords and alternated scales above... withal very chilling. A very felicitous fusion 和平,爱与微笑 cesli
Free World Radio Telecasting™
Free World Radio Telecasting™  (about 8 years ago)
I really dig "Kozmik Blendz"! I feel like I am sitting in an alien Hookah den orbiting an asteroid field! M
Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown  (over 8 years ago)
Thanks for stopping by and becoming a fan! Best, Vanessa
Death & Taxes
Death & Taxes  (over 8 years ago)
Thanks homie! I'm digggin the tunes, nice to meet ya. cheers