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LTANDTHEBLUESEXPRESS  (over 6 years ago)

im tryin to learn to play like lucky yall!!!

Gary Vachon
Gary Vachon  (over 7 years ago)

nice sounds man.........

Gary V

The Cliff BluesFunk&Soul Band
The Cliff BluesFunk&Soul Band  (over 7 years ago)

Smokin!! This is what we want to sound like. You blew it out of the water!

Tommy Cole
Tommy Cole  (almost 8 years ago)

Great Guitar and Vocals!

Mr. E
Mr. E  (almost 8 years ago)

Man... 'Double Dealing' slammed me against the wall and pinned me there! Play on...

undyingspirit21  (about 8 years ago)

likes your style Lucky wow u is cool God bless RWJ

godfried a.v.wehrmeijer (on the bass)
godfried a.v.wehrmeijer (on the bass)  (over 8 years ago)

As 'Street Teamer', I'll try to make Holland even more "Lucky minded". Starting in my home town AMSTERDAM. Would love to see you guys overhere. Perhaps in "Maloe Melo" Blues&Rock Café. (www.maloemelo.com) Check it out! As CAT already said... this really is blues with great sounds. Love to play my bass along with the CD's. Whenever you have a gig here in AMSTERDAM, please invite me and let me play 1 song ("Double Dealin')with you on the bass. Would be absolutely great!
Keep it up guys.
Greez from Amsterdam / Holland.
GODFRIED ( Godfriedw@planet.nl )

Just Another Cat With A Guitar
Just Another Cat With A Guitar  (over 8 years ago)

Now this is blues!! Great sound...


Cormier Long and Leblanc
Cormier Long and Leblanc  (over 8 years ago)

Love those guitar tones

Steve CLL

richard casey callahan
richard casey callahan  (about 9 years ago)

hi lucky, what a pleasure to find you here on reverbnation. last time i got to check you and your fine band out was in colorado springs with some friends of mine that were playing there as well. it just seems you keep getting better and better. best regards and continued success, richard