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Ryan Macellaro

I met Ryan Macellaro a few years ago. Yesterday I had a long deep conversion with him. After I did it seemed like we knew each other forever. His style of music is composed of Folk, Acoustic, Shanty, and has a sense of wonder. If you listen to the stories that he is telling and the emotion in his voice you will find yourself in a world of adventure and have a better understand of yourself. I know this video is alright but what do you accept for a webcam. If you want to here his music you can go to the links I posted blew. Currently He is working on his new album "Earl Grey" and has released the "Whydah Ep" last month. Ryan's Last album "Seas, Cities and Dreams" was released on July 1, 2010. Some of the songs off this Album was recorded in the beach but it songs like a profession studio. A music video for the single "Beacon" will be released with in the next month or two. The video was written and Directed by Ryan Macellaro himself. This album is downloadable at http://ryanmacellaro.bandcamp.com/ . You are able to hear the full track as well. You could also get free downloads at http://www.ilike.com/artist/Ryan+Macellaro from the "Deep South E.P". All the tracks have such an organic sound. The sounds of dolphins and the ocean on the track " Tide Pool Dancing" makes the Album so much more enjoyable. Be sure to check out Ryan Macellaro. You will not be disappointed. You could also check him out at:

http://www.facebook.com/rockypointryan http://www.myspace.com/506563555

Also here are some pictures from the last show so be on the look out for Ryan Macellaro in the Future.