Network is growing

Bands with Clean State Records this is just to let you know we have a very fast growing network at hand it is now just passed 15,000 and we project by the start of May it will be 20,000. For bands that allow admin access that will increase your friend count and push you up the charts even more. It also allows you to have access to our mailing account to advertise your music and send out valubale information on releases. So stick with Clean State Records and we will keep pushing you higher.

Haemic  (almost 7 years ago)

Slow but sure, we'll make a big impact I'm sure, together.

\m/titan's grip\m/
\m/titan's grip\m/  (about 6 years ago)

how about our band?we have already independently released our ep album on rn,itunes,amazon ,etc. my question is :would we be still able to join your record label?check our music if you have a time \m/metal rules\m/

Insufferable Noise Machine
Insufferable Noise Machine  (almost 6 years ago)

Hey guys, Its so cool to see labels being so artist friendly. Lets link it up. .

(W'ere trying to do something simmaler for cross promotional purposes over here in Toronto)

we hope to play out in vancover once we sort out the logistics, please stop by our profile and make yourselves at home. . .CHeers!


Be very careful using facebook ads it is misleading and very expensive and not what it makes it out to be. For what you pay to what you get in return is not worth it. Be very aware and accept it at your own risk.


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We will listen to any request that is sent to us and consider you a spot on our roster. We are down for cross promotion where we get you out there andyou help promote us. We can also assist in you getting on to itunes/ amazon/ emusic/ rhapsody/ napster and more......

DRACONIS  (almost 5 years ago)

we are interesting in work with you if you like our work .. we have our first lp free in the web .. but now we record the second and we are looking for record label ...


salutes from the south !!!!


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