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BeatMachine cd

!!!New track from the instrumental cd BeatMachine... ALL LIES...Presented by Sole Survivor Records www.reverbnation.com/beatmachinecd

Facebook links for labels

Need an app for labels to sink all their artist with facebook instead of one

Share your Bio in a Blog...

Sole Survivor Records was born in 1990.. Own and operated by Bann Warrie While growing up in the streets of Montclair,Orange.East.and Newark New Jersey.Was introduced to a multi cultural spectrum of music from Reggae,Hip Hop,R&B/Soul,Pop,House...After building a sound system for the first time at age 16.And promoting our own parties and events such as birthday parties,basements sessions I quickly learner how to manage my sound selling my mixtape at other reggae parties"After all it was about making money .At about age 22 after playing so many records I wanted to learn how to make them.So after purchasing a fostex 4track recorder a boss 670 drum machine a casio keyboard started Sole Survivor Records in Jacksonville Florida combining all my experience's of engineering and mixing so many artist music from reggae,r&b,pop,soul,club,House music learning pitch controls and tempo control blending it with my love for the bass and groove of Reggae,the kick and the boom in Hip/Hop the snap Pop,R&B /Soul .Over 17 years of experance in the music industery is a result of every thing you see and hear from the,Drums, Keyboard,to the music arranging to the Recording,mixing,mastering,photos,videos of all three of the artist on the label... ........And our fingers are the tools for the instruments of sound.... Bann Warrie Sole Survivor Records"PLAY US LOUD'' Blessed Luv

Don't Give Up

Shots out to all the independent artist and labels out there...''HOLD FOCUS DON'T LOOSE IT''.....