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June 2013 sees the re-launch of a highly successful independent record label founded by Pop/Dance Icon Gaz Reynolds.

Established in September 2004, WDR represents an army of Dance Music Producers, DJ’s, Radio Show Hosts, Event Organisers and Music Industry Professionals and has achieved radio, television and chart placements in USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Canada.

WDR is a name synonymous with ground breaking electronic and alternative music which has growing support from around the world both on radio and online.

Initially the Label was setup as a means to promote his own music to the world and he managed to gain USA radio recognition with his hit ‘In This House’ which was promoted by Howie Rosen and featured the late disco legend Viola Wills.

Overwhelmed by the response Gaz Reynolds decided to take his new found success to the next level and launched World Domination Records and signed a number of acts from around the world including USA, Russia and Australia.

By 2006 World Domination Records had become a brand name with worldwide distribution and worldwide radio air play and a number of high profile television shows jumped on board too!.

With social media and ground breaking advancements online Gaz has decided to re-launch the label with global marketing campaigns using online sources.

In a recent magazine interview for Enroute in the UK Gaz said…

“The coolest thing about running your own business is being your own boss! Its tough in these troubled economic times but I see it as an additional challenge which has other opportunities and with growing interest in social media it opens up WDR products to the world”.

As part of the re-launch Gaz will be releasing a new single entitled ‘Plastic Girl (Regenaration)’ and there will be a number of new releases from popular WDR artists such as Bleedin Brain Music Inc, Somiak, Hyper Force and RedKay and many more to celebrate and mark the occasion.

There are also a number of radio interviews and a press launch in the pipeline to mark the re-launch.

To check out the latest releases from World Dominations and download online from iTunes go to www.worlddominationrecords.com


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