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Looking for Airplay?

e.V.'s Underground are always looking for new bands to play for my listeners. Please have look @ the weekly show's Myspace sample playlist to see if you are likely to fit in - :) === cut and paste to your browser and check it out... http://www.myspace.com/evsunderground

Click on the Voki there to find out how to submit your music for *possible* airplay on the show. :)

CKCU-FM is the oldest campus station in North America & we also webcast around the globe. You can find our alumni throughout the radio and music industry. :)

Campus-community radio is where artists typically first get airplay - we have loads of listeners who work at commercial stations and this is how they find new bands.

If you send your stuff and we don't get back to you that doesn't mean it's ad, It just doesn't fit the taste of the programmers. Good luck to you!

Yonder Be the Blogs :D