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From the heart

I love NY because it made me hungry. It made me understand people, understand myself. They say suffering can be not eating, no shelter, and abuse. But neglect and being an outlier can be suffering too. And there is a lot of that in NY. Everyone minding their own business, trying to get ahead. Lost souls walking around like Zombies pretending to be Humans. VLR is the recognition of that and the rebellion of it. It’s the pursuit of individual happiness without outside forces telling you what is happiness. It’s the pursuit of enlightenment and wisdom to see the bigger picture. You are not a machine, you are not a worker, you are not a thing. You are a star, you are a soul, and you came here for a reason. So don’t ever give up and remember that reason. Lets find it together! Be apart of la resistance. FRANZ’s next single coming soon… -Scythe