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Happy New Year"2017"

New Year,New Music ,New Hustle,New Money,No Freebies!!! Ingle Jingles Babie/HotMusikZone

New Daw,New Sound #HotMusikZone

I've found success with the new style of production used with the last two releases"TOUCH DOWN & CONNECTION". We are taking this thing to the next level and making a big splash in the process. Salute 2 the Dj's that's supporting the music giving us that extra exposure to their audiences and markets. We Global!!! Salute!! Ingle Jingles babie/HotMusikZone..

NewSinglesMonthly is Consistent..

She Chatty is going to the next level. Every outlet is catching on to this new single and embracing the tune like nothing else. She Chatty is becoming a huge thing for music..

HotMusikZone//Ingle Jingles Productions

"Pray it out"West Swag"B4U"Live fast,Die young" All recent releases by Rida Bone for Ingle Jingles Productions..2015...Great reviews from the fans


Promo,Promo,Promo"Ingle Jingles Productions´╗┐ Controversial new Hit Single "Celebrity fall out Week" OUT NOW!!


Ingle Jingles Productions"2014" Thigh's So Thick--Available Now!!!


"Thighs so Thick"..COMING SOON..Ingle Jingles Productions!!!


It's here doing well.."DumbNiggaTime" Going hard in the streets!!! Ingle Jingles got next!!

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The next hit single"Dumb Nigga Time" COMING SOON!!! Ingle Jingles Present's


Up early networking with the early birds.Making some great contacts.