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Progression Magazine Review of Mindset X 'OCEANS'

"How have I missed hearing about Mindset X the past 10 years? This New Hampshire power trio has released six albums including a greatest -hits collection in 2014. It recently shared the stage with Scorpions, Fates Warning and Queensryche, and they should be booked to play the ProgPower USA festival. Rush and Foo Fighters are clear reference points as Mindset X blurs rock and prog into a melodic mind-twister"

Michael Popke Progression Magazine Issue # 68

Flashwounds Magazine review of Mindset X CD release event.

Another great review of the Mindset X CD release show for the opus "Oceans', this time from Flashwounds Magazine. Check it out! http://flashwounds.com/2015/09/06/mindset-x-proves-how-deep-their-talent-runs-at-the-cd-release-for-oceans/

Mindset X's OCEANS released 9/1/15

Available today...The new album from Mindset X....OCEANS. Buy your copy today! https://youtu.be/xAsmgMwJLBg

Mindset X new single release/Free download

FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! We knew that would catch your attention. It's all true. Download an MP3 of the newest Mindset X single...'SHOCKWAVE' ... from the upcoming album 'Oceans'., for absolutely NO CHARGE at all. All that we ask is that you share it with others and consider joining our mailing list [we will not SPAM] to keep up with all things Mindset X. We offer this as a 'THANK YOU' to all of our regular fans, our new fans our future fans and to those that may just be discovering us now. Why? Because we love you! Enjoy...and spread the word! Download it from this site by clicking on the 'Order it here' link' next to the song...and Thanks Again!

Party Scheduled for July Mindset X ‘OCEANS’ Listening 24th

Candia, NH – June 30, 2015 – Manchester, NH based original music band Mindset X, will be hosting a listening party for their upcoming new album/CD, ‘OCEANS’ on July 24th, 2015 at Penuche’s in Manchester beginning at 8:30 pm. Performing live will be Rhode Island’s highly popular VulGarrity, featuring the brother/sister tandem of Shawn Garrity and Tracy Garrity Martone. The evening will open with a performance by VulGarrity, followed by the playing of the new Mindset X album ‘OCEANS’, prizes and CD giveaways and other surprises, with VulGarrity once again performing to close out the night. This will be the ONLY opportunity to hear the album in its entirety until the official release later in the summer. ‘OCEANS’ is a concept album and was recorded with the assistance of multiple GRAMMY Award winner Jay Frigoletto at OHM Studio and Metronome Studio and boasts guest performances by John Wesley of Porcupine Tree and Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick, both of The Carl Palmer [Emerson, Lake & Palmer] Band. Mindset X has shared the stage with such notables as Tony Levin’s Stickmen, Queensryche, Korn, Candlebox, Stone Temple Pilots and others, with dates with Breaking Benjamin, Scorpions, and Fate’s Warning on the horizon. Donna Halper, credited as the person that discovered the band Rush, had this to say about Mindset X…”There is no better example of a hardworking local band than Mindset X. These guys are talented musicians, and I always look forward to hearing what they will come up with next. Unlike some bands that just recycle older material, Mindset X is always creating new music for their many fans.”

'OCEANS' Listening Party Scheduled For 7/24

Mindset X and TMG will be hosting a listening party for the highly anticipated new concept album by Mindset X....OCEANS....at Penuches in Manchester NH, with a special guest performance from our friends in Vulgarrity. Join the band, friends and fans for some great music, dancing and an exclusive first listen to the new album, well before its initial release. Special givaways are also being planned, so "Come on down!"

Stand With Songwriters

As a longtime member of ASCAP as both a songwriter and a publisher, I Stand With Songwriters! Songwriters, composers and music publishers rely on the royalty income they earn through two separate rights: the right to publicly perform their music works, and the right to make and distribute mechanical reproductions of those works. Two outdated portions of the US Copyright Act, Section 114(i) and Section 115, currently prevent songwriters and composers from receiving royalties that reflect the fair market value of their intellectual property. This inequity harms America's songwriters, composers and music publishers in the digital age. We need the help of all songwriters, composers and music publishers to urge Congress to take an important first step toward modernizing the music licensing system by amending these outdated provisions. The Songwriter Equity Act (H.R. 1283 and S. 662) is a small but important step in the right direction. Follow this link and make your voice heard to your local government officials. http://www.ascap.com/standwithsongwriters https://youtu.be/6IvogIdR1Rw

Fates Warning w/special guests Mindset X 10/10/15


Drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Paul Sears to join Lobotomatic

THIS JUST IN: Reliable sources confirm that drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Paul Sears​ will be manning the drum kit on the new Lobotomatic​ CD, currently in progress. This is a major coup for the AZ based band, who also boasts the bass playing talents of former Hawkwind/Bedouin/Gunslinger bassist Alan Davey​ as part of the band, making this the beginning of a supergroup of sorts. Lobotomatic was formed by father and son duo Larry and Uriah Bennett and last years release on Transit Music Group/Skullduggery Records, 'War Lover' has received incredible reviews from around the world as a no-holds barred, kick-butt example of stoner/psyche rock. Aside from The Muffins, Paul has appeared in one form or another on the following: Andy West (DIXIE DREGS- T. Lavitz-) Don Preston and Bunk Gardner from The Mothers of Invention Fred Frith, John Greaves, Peter Blegvad, (HENRY COW) Steve Hillage, (Clearlight, Gong) Daevid Allen, (Gong) Tim Blake, (Gong) Didier Malherbe, (Gong) Pepe Gonzalez Thee Maximalists Cyndee Lee Rule The Red Masque 9353 Bernie Wandel, (HENRY ROLLINS-9353) Henry Kaiser David Byers Bill Laswell Dave Kerman Yochk'o Seffer, (Magma-ZAO) PRESENT, Steve Stills Cyrille Verdeaux's Clearlight, Spirits Burning/Clearlight with Steve York Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott, (Sun Ra Arkestra) Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Mike Kenally Band) Bryan Beller (Dweezil Zappa-Mike Keneally-Steve Vai) Glenn Phillips,(HAMPTON GREASE BAND) Harvey Bainbridge, (HAWKWIND) MORGLBL, and many others Paul will also be appearing on the upcoming, new album by TMG [US] and Musea [FR] recording artist Jack Dupon. Congratulations to Lobotomatic! Here is a brief example of Paul's playing as a mamber of The Muffins and a personal favorite of mine. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/KKycZmiTGXo

John Wesley voted #10 Best Guitarist by Progressive Magazine

John Wesley voted #10 in the 'Guitarist Of The Year' readers poll by Progressive Rock Magazine. Congratulations to John for this great honor. John Wesley also makes a guest appearance on the upcoming Mindset X album/CD...OCEANS...lending his quite impressive guitar talents to the opus. Fantastic! From John: This has been a really special week for me.... a good start to the year I think. First was the "Innerviews" piece by Anil Prasad....http://www.innerviews.org/inner/wesley.html Also... in the new Issue of Progressive Rock magazine I was voted into the top ten guitarists of the year by the readers of the magazine. I am frankly a wee bit stunned... thank you to all who took the time to listen to "Disconnect".