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The Shadow Network is for everyone

Wanna Join just ask. So far the talent that has found its way here already knew that they would fit right into place. But do not take my word for it check em all out. If you like Music that does not taste like pre chewed bubble gum you came to the right place. The kid gloves are off and we say and do what ever we like. Im neither a role model or judge....DSH

Prepaid cards for Reverbnation store

How cool would it be for Reverbnation to put out pre paid cards that could be used in their store to sell our music and our merchandise. Better to deal with one pimp than give our money to all of em. Hit me up on this one or better yet send your concerns to the MGMT of the site. DSH

Need to bring real fans to reverbnation

Artists out number the fans on here by at least 20 to 1. Facebook fans and myspace fans never seem to leave their post at their respective sites. We need Reverbnation to get prepaid cards out in the community. To bring them in kids do not have credit cards and most people are not all that keen on putting it down these days. There is a ton of talent on here but its like we are all backstage drinking beers and passing out hand jobs. The cool thing is that at least the artists in this community have come together and the support among each other has been fantastic. Now we just need to step up our game and bring in the masses. We should all by now be awarded college degrees in figuring all this shit out. Running multiple accounts, setting up yet another page on the next latest and greatest site. Everyone making a dollar off the artist once again. So lets bring the money in house and divide it amongst the tribe. Peace my brothers and sisters...DSH

Numbers game

Seems everyone is interested in numbers well lets fuck with the system and manipulate the numbers in our favor. Raise your scores get more page hits get more plays leave comments as opposed to sending messages. To self promote you can only add 1000 friends on here and most people are just running through here clicking away never to hear back from anyone. Others are fucking with the numbers by deleting and adding you back everyday. Fucking unemployment is something allowing us a lot of free time. Keep an open mind you never know what you will find yourself listening to. A shit ton of talent out there it would be pretty god damn cool if drop the barriers and give it a listen. Oh yeah it you gotta listen to a song for at least 1min 30 sec for it to register as a hit. Welcome all new fellow artists. DSH


To much talent out there not being recognized....Lets kick this in the ass...