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Proud to release Jud "Falling Slowly" out now on all digital and streaming outlets.

Bob Mundy album

I am so excited. Bob's new album is stunning. Brilliant musicians, incredible vocals and more. Come see Bob live in NYC September 15.

Bob Mundy Album Recording

We start in NYC this week with amazing jazz musicians and the incomparable Bob Mundy vocals. Can' wait!


It is such an amazing experience to work with Padruna. Whether recording a cover song of a classic or writing her own material, she is one of the most interesting and talented artists I have worked with.


Yes Padruna is someone who I fell in love with and asked to be on my label. Her voice is unique and full of emotion. She tells her stories through songs and never fails to fascinate me with her versatility. Worldwide release of Comfortably Numb is April 9. Pre-release is trending up fast, 8000 plays in two weeks.

New Releases

I am happy to tell you that there will be two new singles from JoAnna Hennessy out this month. JoAnna is a classic rock singer with a modern edge. You will love Kryptonite and Iris. Great cuts by JoAnna.

Grant Taylor will release his long overdue Diamonds and Rust album. Looking back over time and memories, Grant chose some of his favorites. Out November 8.