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Clash of the Titans

Plenny Mo And Miss Scarface. The two names are becoming more and more frequent around the the local hip hop scene. They are signed too Noknames Ent. as part of a management deal with the option to sign as recording artist. They are both up and coming superstasr which brings up a question that many people have debated over and over again in music and sports. Can two superstars put their ego's to the side and co-exist on the same team? So far this has been a challenge for the two. As CEO of Noknames Ent. Prez has managed to keep these two Titans of the local music scene focused and willing to work as a team. However there have been numerous occasions where the two exchange words disagreeing on who should get more time at shows and even refusing to perform or work together. Each feels like the other at times is getting more attention from management there for sparking what is now a heated competition of ones work ethic.One instance after ending his set at their mixtape release party Plenny actually left the building immediately leaving Miss Scarface alone to perform the closing song My Swagg, which was a collab to end the night . At times leaving their CEO feeling like a referee. In fact if it not been for Prez and the personal relationship he has with the two artist things may have hit the fan a long time ago. With both Miss Scarface and Plenny Mo early in their careers all you can do is hope they pull together as one to be able to share their talents with their fans and not let their personal disputes get in the way of one's success. Leaving the question will they be able to share the stage again or even collab on songs for each others projects? Let's see how the future plays out. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!