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JBird / Blog

The Next Superstar Could be you!!!!!!

CONTEST CONTEST TALENT CONTEST! ARE YOU CAPABLE OF BEING PLAYED FOR THOUSANDS POSSIBLY MILLIONS!!!!! I am now opening up my life to you! Go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=22844&id=150270408339569&saved#!/pages/The-Next-Superstar-Artist/150270408339569 And Submit your music to me to possibly be played on a National Stage!!!!!!!!! Also add yourself to my facebook if you would like.... http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/?ref=home If you are having trouble with that then email me your Address and I will add you to mine..... My email is jaybird3173@yahoo.com SEE YOU AT THE TOP Jason


Do you Know why Lil Wayne has made it so Freakin Huge?????

Because he doesn't sound like your run of the mill rapper..... He raps about more than just how much of a gangsta he is and how blinging his chain is... He raps about life!!!! and Things in life that make him, Him!

I have been reviewing a lot of artist alllllllot!!!! I hear the same tired beats and the same tired lyrics over and over... I am and will find the ONE that makes it work, the original sounds the original lyrics whether it be country, rap, hip hop, RnB or Pop...

I have a few artist in mind that are doing awesome to this point but, I want to see people step it up.... IF YOU DONT KNOW BY KNOW ITS THE HOOK THAT PEOPLE HEAR FIRST AND THEN YOU TELL THE STORY! PLAIN AND SIMPLE HOOK .... STORY ......HOOK ....STORY.... Please work on that for me, everyone needs to stop trying to sound the same as everyone else! JBird

Letter to Epic Records

"My Goal is to make a conscious effort this year on helping make a No Name a Big Name.... Thank you for your time as I know it is valuable..." Jason Liss "JBird Music" to: EPIC RECORDS

here's how you do it

Don't just pass By. I can't review your music if you don't become a fan.... Accepting new music to be review for a National Stage.

Step to getting your song played at the stage you see in the picture!

1) Catch My Ear 2) Add yourself as a FAN (very important) 3) Send me in the MAIL.. the tracks I pick! Edited!! 4) Don't forget to hook-up Ya JBird when you sellin Millions....... TTYL JBird

Spring Break 2010 PCB

Hey, Here's what goes down at spring break! So I get up on the stage and my world changes.... I go from average Joe Smoe to Flippin Rock Star!!!! "Play this Play that", "Can you dedicate a song for me?" "Its My girlfriends birthday!" "Can you tell her its from Candy?" Then I get you guys, you artist ! "Yo Bro!" "you got to play this track!" "Its Hot man You got to play it...". "First of all I dont know you, second of all, I get paid to play music that is good and doesn't piss my crowd of thousands off...." "So here the deal, This year instead of you artist and producers coming up to me the day I am on the stage, then prove to me right now that you are worthy of pumping your beats in front of my "audience." Which by the way is Representing the major part of the whole "COUNTRY". From Maine to Florida, and California to North Carolina, They are "my Audience" and are begging for good music to take there mind off of school work and keep there mind on Partying! And then guess what? Your song if catchy enough, Gets bought on line, at a store, etc. and then you become "famous and rich"... see once those college students go home, they want to remember the fun and good times they had at spring break with there friends, so they find a way to get your song! Then when they are at home "Their friends" hear them listening to it and then the want it and they want it bad, Just Ask Mike Posner... nobody had even heard of the guy until I and my fellow DJ Deuce, Played it the whole time we were there, Now Mr. Posner is reaping the reward for his hard work and accidentally caught a break with a little help from me. Now yes, maybe Posner would have made it in music.. But when ? How long? and how big would he have been? These are all questions you can ask yourselves when you look at what I can do for you. No matter how big or small you are in music right now, I can still help you catapult your name or most recent single! GET IN NOW! DONT WAIT! I AM not going to have room to take everyone at the last second so, add urself as a friend and give yourself a chance to be heard in front of a big audience ...the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY! PEACE Jbird