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Dont' fret, my lovlies, no one is listening anyway!

I say what I please,'cause I know no one is listening in the overcrowded 'independent artist' mediasphere. I mean, whom am I? I've never had a hot album, or a tour bus paid for. Does that make me less of a musician? I've written some great, intriguing music! Do I have to wallow in the purgatory of 'local musicandom? No. I refuse. This is a global village. I could be from anywhere; it doesn't matter- as long as I strive to be world class in everything. I will seek and find great local geniuses, and mold them into a sharp fruitful unit. I've done it many times before... I'll keep you posted.

leehoward played over 165 Shows this year!

From Tucson, to Alb., to Santa Fe, to Taos, to Lubbock, to Georgetown to Tulas to Sedona, to Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Ventura, then up to southern Oregon, the World of Wine Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon, Portland, Mcminnville, then up to five shows in the Peugot Sound/ Seattle area, and back...it was quite a summer!

Leehoward's New Album Out Now!

The third in his Trilogy of release, "Generosity" is out now and sounds fantastic. Already getting airplay, Dwight Loop says' This is lee's finest work!" available at all our online portals

Got back from 2011 Northwest Tour

Got back from our 2 week Northwest Tour of the Seattle Sound Area, Portland, Medford, Eugene, Jacksonville, Oregon, and Bodega Bay, California. Had a fantastic time, sold much cd's of the new album, David Correa and Cascada's 'Eterna Primavera', ate well enough, got good slepp, and were enjoyed by many many new fans. Excellente!