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Whittier Day 2

The town in a boat house Late night, and a pretty site. For the last couple days the rain has been coming down like a monsoon. In the past, Whittier Fall BBQ has been held outside with a raging fire, camping and good music. This yearn Shannon Tolman cleared out the huge boat house and built us a BAD TO THE BONE stage made from 2, 40 foot flat bed trailers. We had the stage set up and ready to rock by 5pm. Mike Thompson kicked off his acoustic set with Chris Snyder on the vocals, hand drums, snare and piano. Before we knew it Joel Kachel was on stage with his guitar and voice singing in celebration to just how awesome this event was shaping up to be. Acai Alaska brings the BBQ! The food was amazing! Fresh shrimp KaBobs and steak KaBobs wafted out into Whittier and called the towns people into the festivities. The salmon was cooked to perfection. A shout out to Acai Alaska for their great food and spirit! The perfect BBQ’rs! Check them out at www.acaiak.com. TWP ROCKS ON Eventually, Jeron Rose, Cautious, & Cody Tanner all joined up on stage for 6 hours of music. We recorded the audio from the show and will be mastering it soon. Mo, owner and designer at Unique Designs, came out to shoot photos and film of the concert. Check it out on the Alaska TV show called “The Venue” as well as on the TWP website. We had the crowd with their lighters out at times. Other moments were a constant pulse amongst a town of people who don’t get to hear music this moving very often. Chris’s set with Jeron and Cody was very much about his brother. Not at all sad but rather uplifting and inspirational. I look forward to hearing the tracks! The turnout was the whole city of Whittier and a few friends from Anchorage and Girdwood. A bachelorette party of 7 beautiful women showed up in a Denali SUV packed to the brim with good times. They drove over an hour to come rock out with TWP!!!! I CAN CHEE DA MOON!!!

Whittier Day 1

Flood warnings along the arm. October 1, 2010- Friday Night

Leaving Anchorage friday evening was a bit surreal. Autumn colors of yellow, green and red were illuminated by a low sun and backdropped by a dark wall of clouds. It seemed that we were driving into the perfect storm. The winding turnagain highway was littered with rocks and sea spray all the way to Indian. Upon reaching Portage Glacier, we were just in time to catch the 3 mile, one way tunnel to Whittier, Alaska. Dripping water from the cave roof coupled with the smooth sound of tires on rail road tracks made the ride through seem longer than 3 miles. This small coastal town on the edge of towering mountains and colossal glaciers is the setting for Whittier Glacier Tour in Prince William Sound Alaska. Prepare your cameras to capture the real beauty of an unspoiled eco-system tucked away in the shadows of giants. Whittier, AK with a population of 271 people now receives a growing number of cruise ships from Princess Cruise line that stops here every summer.

The Anchor- Friday night we jammed out at the local bar called The Anchor. The local flavor came out and were a little excited to have TWP in their town. They all tried to remain too cool for school, but it’s hard not to tap a foot, bob a head or just plain dance when the music is Third Wheel Project :) Joel Kachel, Cody Tanner and myself traded sets, backing each other up for over 5 hours. By the end, everyone in the bar was on the dance floor shakin’ and movin’ to our music. A thanks goes out to everyone at the show that night! Junes B&B- We got 2 beautiful condo suites at the top of the Begich Tower. My “honeymoon suite” faced the ocean and the entire town of Whittier. The wind was incredible. Rain was blowing strait up. The doors to the condos were hard to keep shut without locking the deadbolts. Joel and Cody had the big suite on the mountain side just next door. You can find the videos soon up on you tube of our adventures by visiting www.thirdwheelproject.com .

Dena'ina Show Times

October 8th, 2010 Dena’ina 5:00pm - 6:00pm

October 9th, 2010 Dena’ina Schedule: Noon - 12:30pm 2:30pm - 3:00pm 4:00pm - 4:30pm

October 10th, 2010 Dena’ina Noon 3:00pm till close.