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Label Closed 2-13-2012

To: All Artist/Bands Fr: TOB Music Productions Date: 2-13-12 Re: Closing Label

As you read in the re-org email I sent out on 1-5-12, I had planned to make some major changes to the label but, as much as I tried it just was not working out the way that would give the best results to all involved. So, with much pondering and thought I have decided to close TOB Music Production Label effective immediately. I have made this decision because I am not able to continue to give the 110% of time to the artists involved here and that is something I strive for in any endevor I take on. I will say it is possible that in the future I might start another label or manage artist/bands in some format but, it will be at a very small scale. I hope you all understand and I wish you all great success and the very best in your music careers. While managing TOB Music Productions I have met some amazing people and gained many new friends and have been inspired by you all. Thank you!!


Wayne TOB Music productions