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Douglass Hoppe - CEO Hyper Media LLC - Entrepreneur and consultant with major label experience. Orchestra conductor and classical / jazz performer who also composes. Extensive network of contacts in the music and entertainment industries both in North America and worldwide.

I am a serial entrepreneur and consultant who created the first and largest music portal in Central and Eastern Europe. I also conceived of and led the initial implementation and evangelism for Sony's www.myplay.com video portal. I am a former (still capable, but largely changed careers) orchestra conductor and classical / jazz performer who also composes. I have an extensive network of contacts in the music and entertainment industries both in North America and worldwide. I have made numerous recordings (especially live recordings (all genres) and field recordings (world music)) which I streamed on the internet and also offered for download. My company XenoMusic's best of sampler was listed among the top ten albums of the year (2001) by the San Francisco Chronicle.

I'm here t critique your music.

API Music Publishing Seeking to Acquire New Material


API Music International Inc. is an independent music publisher offering music track services to Artists, Music Supervisors, to Record Label A&R

Please note that ALL material submitted must be commercial airplay friendly and that you must be the owner of the work/s submitted and/or have the legal right to represent. We accept all styles of music (song material and instrumental). If you are interested in having a publisher acquire some or all of your songs covered by other artists as well as to have your material submitted to music supervisors in such fields as films, TV, advertising, background leased music, airline inflight programming, digital dissemination and mobile etc. then please feel free to submit for this opportunity if you are the owner or legal representative of such material.

Representation Consideration from A-B-A-C-A Music

http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/729 A-B-A-C-A Entertainment Group offers professional representation to bands and singer/songwriters, composers and smaller independent record labels and music publishers seeking licensing opportunities.

You must be the Owner or legal Representative of the work/s submitted.

Just because we charge a fee (modest) for this service, does not mean we take on just anyone.

Should you be accepted for Representation, you will be expected to submit your existing music&EPK material as required and meet all time deadline requirements. You must be willing to sign a non-exclusive commission based representational agreement.

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Monique Mego, R.M.G. / Ward Entertainment -Management, A&R, P.R. Accepting HIT ONLY for New Submissions: Projects listed in Bio/CV tab.

TOP PRIORITY - Looking for songs with amazing lyrics and melodies with ridiculous tracks. Needed for B.O.B., Jamie Foxx, Jesse McCartney, Ginuwine.

NOTE: Only 6 days so hurry up soon!!

Conversations surrounding a song's and an artist's marketability


The Buzz Company is full service marketing & PR company that has all the tools in place to get an artist whatever they need in the pursuit of communicating their product effectively - art design, web development, pr, advertising.

It also is gaining resources for music production, recording, licensing, artist development, brand development, etc. by the day.

The concept is that we have everything from start to finish to help transition the artist to a full time career. Whether it's help in songwriting and refining a bridge, re-mastering a demo, dialing in your personal style, or developing your storyline we help on it all.

The Buzz Company is by artists and for artists. We are here to critique your music and your overall package, and help get it to the right people when it's ready.

Indie Power Records Roster consideration


Indie Power was started by industry veterans to further the goal of helping develop the cutting edge of new artists and labels with innovative marketing and talent.

Combining 25+ years of valuable experience with an arsenal of talents and a passion for breaking albums and artists, Indie Power is about to add a few new pages to the history books!

Indie Power is the ultimate entertainment marketing resource for the new millineum, combining highly creative artist development with innovative effective marketing and promotion techniques learned from the majors.

Distribution is worldwide in over 77 countries. Indie Power has a vast staff of top professionals in all areas to help you maximize your opportunities!

Multiple Opportunities Through Global Music Placements


Global Music Placements is a UK-based company operated by veteran industry professionals and offers multiple opportunities for artists and songs each month on behalf of its large client roster which include some of the biggest names in music.

Click the link above to check out the following opportunities:

A management, label AND agency is seeking new artists.

LA based record label and studio seeking new artists

Large publishing company on the look out!

A leading world-wide digital marketing group who are looking for new artists to release material through their digital label.

RnB / Hip Hop Music Critique from John Salib


Also seeking songs for various label and brand opportunitiess.

Who am I?

I've been on the hip hop entertainment scene for a few years now. Looking to expand into more areas of the music/entertainment business in the next 1-3 years. There's quite a bit that I'm currently creating or developing including an urban/hip hop artist management division, record label, nightclub&vodka label.

I'm always looking to partner up with new business partners or investors. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or need any questions answered.

I'm also an experienced designer & project manager. I have worked with over 150 small to medium business on their branding/web design/advertising over the last 7 years.

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Fill out your Music Xray Song Presentation Pack to put your best foot forward.

You can either create a free song presentation pack first and then browse opportunities and submit it to those you like or you can browse opportunities and then upload an MP3 of your music during the submission process. If you choose the latter, be on the lookout for an email from us immediately after you submit. The email will tell you how to log in and make your song look better than ever while providing the industry professionals with all the information they need to make decisions about you and your work.

Music Xray helps you create sleek presentation packages so you put your best foot forward while providing valuable information about you song. These presentation packages are FREE. They are also embeddable into other sites. They have their own url so it's easy to direct fans and friends right to your song.

We enable you to display your song’s number of Twitter mentions, number of blog mentions, number of peer to peer traders and much more.

Industry professionals can also see your lyrics, read your bio, view any pre-set license terms, watch your’ videos and we enable you to conduct song surveys to easily find out what friends and fans think of your music.

The result is that by submitting your song to industry pros through Music Xray you give your music a degree of professionalism you just can't get anywhere else at any cost. And with Music Xray it's free!

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