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New Release from Blue Edge Records Debuts at #44

Blue Edge Records is proud to announce the sophomore release from The Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band, "Mercy! A Tribute To William Clarke" This second release, which debuted on the Roots Blues Chart at #44, features the multi-talented Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band, in a heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest harmonica players of all time, the late William Clarke. Once the concept of a tribute CD was established, Scottyboy set out to recruit John “Marx” Markowski, Clarke’s guitar player, to play on the record and assist with direction. As a student of Clarke’s life, style, and catalogue, Scottyboy and John choose some of the most notable and influential songs written and performed by Clarke, as the basis of this project. Together, with the blessing of Clarke’s widow Jeanette, the band has forged a moving and powerful collection of Clarke’s music, in the finest tradition of the Harp-Master himself. This project was completed with the utmost respect, love, and devotion that any one musician can have for another… especially a mentor.

Blue Edge Releases New National Debonaires CD!

Blue Edge Records is proud to announce the release of the new Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires CD, entitled "Voodoo Workin'". The third CD from this multi-talented group will be available through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and Blue Edge Records. Following on the heals of their top-ten chart-rated CD "Words Are Like Bullets", this new CD is a historical release sure to make its own mark. - Steve McBride, Blue Edge Records News (Aug 31, 2011)

New Release from Blue Edge Records!

Blue Edge Records is proud to announce the sophomore release from The National Debonaires entitled “Words Are Like Bullets”. This is the long awaited follow up to their award winning debut album "New Sounds From Kansas City", which netted them the Album Of The Year Award from "mary4music.com". The new release, "Words Are Like Bullets", is expected to garner much notoriety and buzz around the industry. This new CD, almost two years in the making, has been a true labor of love, inspired by their family, friends, and fans. When interviewed for the release, Steve Gerard said “It’s finally done. It’s taken a heck of a lot longer than any of us would have liked to get it finished, but it’s finally here. After “New Sounds” was named album of the year by “mary4music.com”, and then “Ain’t Gonna’ Happen Again” was nominated for song of the year by the “Blues Blast Music Awards”, maybe we felt a little extra pressure… But we really like this album, and we hope everyone else does as well.” The self produced CD contains ten new and exciting original songs, and includes special appearances from outstanding Blues notables such as Sean Carney (2007 IBC Champ), Trampled Under Foot (2008 IBC Champ), Preston Hubbard (Fabulous T-birds), Lee McBee (Mike Morgan & The Crawl), Gene Walker, Greg Demchuk, and Mike Clark, along with this generation of regular “Debs”, including Steve Gerard, Dave “Elmo” Bailey, Patrick Recob, Mike “Shinetop, Jr.” Sedovic, and Dwight Ross, Jr. This new release by “The Debs” is available for sale at all performances and online thru Blue Edge Records, CD-Baby, and iTunes. For more information, please contact Steve McBride at BlueEdgeRecords.com, or Steve Gerard at NationalDebonaires.com. Blue Edge Records continues to build a stable of artists who are committed to expressing themselves in the multi-faceted blues idiom, with an emphasis on original music by the original artist.