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Been a While.....

I hope everyone out there has been doing alright. I have been wracked with a lot of things since the beginning of 2012; I went back to college [Everest University] to get my degree for Business Management, I've completed a 20 year (straight) desire of getting my tattoos done and also I have music coming out [at least I know it is out there some where, as Tom Haumann my friendly Artist in Germany had put out "Death Took My Heart" Parts 1 and 2 the Metal Opera......and was working on "Love is the Slowest Form of Suicide".....but we can keep you up to date as I find out things on the last one].

Other than that, as Korn would say 'Life is Peachy'.

Members of the ADPR/SPPR FAMILY:

People that are in the ADPR Family:

Stacy P. = Owner and Business knowledge as well as Interviewer, Freelance Writer, Plus Actress, award winning [and Published] Poet writer [and co writes on some songs].

JP = Top Scout/Guitarist [6 & 7 String, (mainly 7 string) Ibanez], Bassist and Drums [plus has played almost every other instrument out there within middle through high school] plus odd and abundance of Music Knowledge. His band KHARMUH out of Painesville, Ohio, has opened for Otep (Otep herself has watched Kharmuh and wants them as a main opener for their band when they come back) & Old School Mushroomhead, as well as playing the Mushroomhead Halloween Show [within the first year of the band being created]. He plays Guitar and is one of the main song writers.

Jayson S. = Head of Street Team [Based out of NY right now]

Anita C. = Head of Street Team [Based out of La.]

Jacki F. = Head of Street Team [Based out of NJ right now]

Jack B. = Website Designer for Every Site [Except Myspace]

Costas = Web Master for ADPR & An ear for music.