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Interview With Ari Armani & Co.

By Kevin L. Green (Art Institute Of Pittsburgh)

What's the firm's real agenda? To win awards? To get noticed in the industry? To advance the client's business? To change consumer behavior?

I'd say our main agenda is to out do our yesterday. The way we all go about that is different. My focus to to help all of our clients, consultants, and friends. Whether it be making them more famous, or putting more money in their pocket, or just inspiring them. Melissa's focus is new business development. She knows there are millions of people who need a helping hand accomplishing their dreams and initiatives. Better it be us who helps instead of someone else who isn't gonna put the energy, love, and time into a project and just take their money.

How will your firm be different in 5 years? How will you manage the creative process differently?

We're trending to be in 48 states and 15 countries by 2018. I hope we manage it exactly the same way. There is no bureaucracy here. I do one thing a day for each client and Melissa organizes the pipeline of new prospects. We get 20% the volume of submissions that a billion dollar company gets. We manage that process much leaner and more effectively than anyone ever could.

Can one person make a difference here? Can you tell me about someone who’s been hired in the past year that’s made the biggest difference?

Yes, one person can spark the change the world needs. Melissa has changed the entire DNA at this firm. She pushes for clients and prospects alike. We also hire many consultants. They're human, funny, mad, sad, passionate, etc. They all have a field of expertise. Editing, Filming, Producing, Writing, etc. They have their good days and bad days. Melissa and I on the other hand just do what we have to do for the clients. This is a 24/7 lifestyle business. We have a lot of fun but at the end of the day we never forget that we are all replaceable. The client can choose to walk away from us at ANY time. We can choose to walk away from the client after their services are fulfilled. We never forget that and that inspires us to be good to one another.

In your life, what experiences have been most important to you that related to a marketing manager?

Read a great analogy in Church once about "the business owner who never believes in advertising until he advertises that his business is for sale." Always got a kick out of that. People think there's something magical about success. Witches, Illuminati, etc. It's just hard work coupled with investment. The formula is, for every 1 dollar you invest in product, invest 10 in marketing. So simple even a frugal caveman can do it.

From your own opinion, what is the most effective advertising medium for businesses at the moment? Why?

There is not 1. You need at least 6 points of advertising to make people feel like "this was meant to be." Billboard, In person, Internet, Radio, Television, Word of mouth, etc. The first three subconsciously hit you, the last three create a sort of "divine intervention." Of those three word of mouth, internet, and in person are the most cost effective followed by the costly BRT. Billboard, Radio and Television.

What would you do if you run out of ideas for a new ad?

You can never run out of ideas if a project inspires you. If it doesn't inspire you anymore, you should fulfill your service and create an exit strategy to part ways.

What qualifications have you attained to be a music executive?

I have a PHD, (P)oor, (H)ungry, and (D)riven. However, Melissa has the real qualifications: three degrees from completing a triple major at Rutgers University.

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