The New Alternative - Volume 2

The New Alternative Vol. 2 has arrived!!! Spread the word, tell your friends :) These compilations are from a growing number of active alternative bands that we feel the whole world need to hear. Please share the album on your page, with your friends and help spread the word! We think these bands need to be heard and this album is just the start of a growing new Alternative scene Both Volume 1 and 2 can be downloaded FOR FREE of course Kinda like a digital mixed tape. Thanks for listening and supporting our little scene. Independent music is the only way to go free from any mainstream influence PS: Thanks a lot for Pete Mac & Mark Hills for the great help & awesome artwork!

THE NEW ALTERNATIVE - Volume 2. Download FOR FREE @ http://thenewalternative.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-alternative-volume-2

The New Alternative - Volume 1.

The New Alternative has arrived!! In a digital age where short lived one hit singles are being nicely marketed to the impressionable mainstream and everything in rock and beyond appears to be superficial and short lived there's a growing number of really good alternative bands that need to be heard :) These bands are independent, hard working musicians that play music regardless of any current trends in the music scene. Download the entire album FOR FREE!! Share with your friends, spread the word... and thanks for listening :) Download the entire album FOR FREE at - https://thenewalternative.bandcamp.com/