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Radio spins = gigs, charting, Raises your Value.

If you are not getting played on the Radio then you are not serious about raising your value, or getting to the next level. Since music started Radio has been the most important vehicle in getting your music heard, and increasing your fan base, and Fans = Gigs. Pushing your music on social media, and Internet radio is a great way to start, but to get to the next level you must get FM stations too. You need great music promotion. the best music promotion that I have found is through indieArtistRadio.net. No I have no ownership in the station, but have helped bringing together several experienced music promoters to help break out artist in various genre's at a cost they can afford. I encourage you to invest your time examining the promo packages and if your are serious, getting on board. I have referred various genre bands from Blues, Country, and Rock and all have had success, 4 of 6 charted, 2 of them ended up with record deals and are now gigging all over the U.S.A. Good luck in your career, Keep making Music. GOD Bless and "Kiss On"