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Welcome To The Beginning

June 1, 2012 marked the launch of a project over fifteen years in the making; SOCIOPATHIC SOUND. For the first six months of our existence, the team focused primarily on exposure of the 'Sociopathic' brand to the extreme/underground metal community at large; the most successful marketing campaign turned into a full-ongoing project now known as:

"The Sociopathic Mixtape Series"; a 100% FREE set of compilations featuring a wide variety of bands from all over the world. Volumes 1 through 3 consist of an expansive variety of acts, including completely unknown & obscure bands to more well established artists within the world of extreme metal.

But bigger or smaller, SOCIOPATHIC SOUND has always treated every band with the respect, praise, and honor they deserve for working themselves, at times to the brink of death (literally) to write, record, and play the music we love in a live setting! Without the bands, there would be no industry which is precisely why above all else, we collectively place a the most emphasis on THE BANDS ---- they will ALWAYS COME FIRST when working with us.

Here we stand; March of 2013, at the true start of this epic journey. The business plan we have set in place involves an old school style of DIY-ethics, focusing on the bands we love & feel deserve more recognition, praise, and a larger audience within the world of this sheer and sometimes terrifying brutality! It is a step-by-step process, as we slowly incorporate varying elements and services into our arsenal; these include but are not limited to:

-Recording Label -Band Management -Booking/Promotional Services -A&R -Photography & Video -Networking & Social Media

Currently, our focus is on releasing the fourth installment of the mixtape series; due out officially on March 15, 2013! After Volume 4 of the Mixtape Series is released, our focus will shift gears towards booking as many shows as possible in the Tri-State (NJ, PA, DE) area - with several amazing lineups already confirmed and ready to go - though we're holding off on the formal announcements until flyers are done. Most importantly and significant to our progress, however, are two projects we have going. These will mark the transition from a project offering a couple of varied services for bands to a full blown, start-up DIY record label!!!

Between late April and early July, we will be first co-releasing the debut album by an amazing grindcore band out of California, who put out their first full length in the last quarter of 2012. This album has never been pressed on vinyl, which we will be doing alongside their regular label. Following that release, we will have finalized the process of becoming fully incorporated as a small business entity; our name will then become known as SOCIOPATHIC SOUND RECORDS (just as you see here on Reverb Nation!!!). Our plans involve putting out our first officially branded full length album under Sociopathic Sound Records; one of the most impressive, brutal, unrelenting albums we have heard, ever! It has NOT seen any type of official release, though it consists of three prominent members of the extreme metal community; veterans of the grindcore and death metal scene, without a doubt! YET- we don't want to give TOO much away at this very moment.

A great many other plans are in the works, but for the time being let us focus on the present, taking it day by day!

We thank everyone for their support, dedication, kindness, openness, and willingness to help stand behind our cause. Obviously, nobody who's a part of this scene is doing it for money, women, or any type of luxurious lifestyle; no.....just as most, SOCIOPATHIC SOUND exists out of out love for and dedication to the utter, chaotic brutality of extreme metal!!! With your help and continued dedication, we shall change the shape of this world and take popular culture by surprise!