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Fall is here, and we are rolling!

So much going on...just celebrated the release of Kickin Valentina's EP...getting major buzz on internet radio and great, loud, gaudy live shows. Check 'em out at Masquerade w/ Pop Evil on Nov. 17 and at The Brass Mug in Tampa in Nov. 22. Maddie Monroe is close to finishing a couple of tracks for her upcoming project...we will release a single, produced by local ATL music favorite Diane Durrett, in November 2013. Poverty Level is also back in the studio and working on new music with a new bass player and additional guitar player onboard. Look for Maddie and PL to split some bills in some of your favorite North Fulton venues before the end of the year (dates TBA), and for Poverty Level to play at Smith's Old Bar on Jan. 3 with The First Stone and later in January in Athens as part of the great Alzhiemer's Music Festival. And, finally, look for piano chanteuse Beth Ballinger at The Roswell Tap throughout the fall. Check out the band's sites for more news, music and merch!

Been Busy, Just Not Here

Haven't kept up with out reverberation page as much as our Facebook, Twiter and Scoundcloud pages, plus new websites and underwear...finally! But anyway...we've grown since last we reverblogated! We are thrilled as thrilled can be to welcome pop-country singer-songwriter Maddie Monroe and hard banging rock band Kickin' Valentina to the Highway 9 fam. Check out their stuff everywhere and often, and look of rne recorded music from them plus Poverty Level real soon! Okay...see you next year! Kidding!

Check out the Roswell Tap mini-doc

Such a fun project, so many different facets. Thanks to Twiin Media for the great footage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF7nBcSLvkY

New Single Releases from Poverty Level and Beth Ballinger

Check out the latest singles from Highway 9 Records artists! Thanks to Heber Pampillon, Adam Davenport and Jason Monseur for the chops and time on these great tracks! Recorded, mixed and mastered in spring 2013 at Lucky Dog Studios lead engineer Joe Kay! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bethballinger http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/povertylevel1

Welcome aboard, Poverty Level!

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed the Marietta-based Americana groove band Poverty Level to our label. To read more about them, check out this link.


Poverty Level will be releasing new music this summer...stay tuned for more info soon!

Have Your Heard It Yet?

The Best of Roswell Tap compilation EP is selling like Brunswick Stew at St. Patty's Day. Check it out on iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, CD Baby an deverywhere else online. And come out to the livlier than live release party at The Roswell Tap on May 14 to hear all five bands from the EP do the thing that got them on the album in the first place. Bontrager Twiins Production will be there to shoot vide, too. It's a scene, man! Thanks for all of your support of our little hunk of Georgia grown art...keep steaming, talking about, and buying it!

Release Date Imminent!

Just dotting and crossing to make sure that when we kindly ask you to go buy The Best of Roswell Tap compilation, you can do so with great vigor and zeal. So excited to share this great little chunk of art with the world! Stay tuned!

Final Mix for The Best of Roswell Tap Today

First and goal at the two yard line...a great spot to be in. And with a good strng push today, we will reach the end zone and do a touchdown dance in celebration of our completed Roswell Tap compilation album. Thanks again to Beth Ballinger, Kali Janette, Kate and Corey, Summer Dare, and Poverty Level for the great tunes and performances. Thanks to super engineer Joe Kay for the great work behind the board. Thanks to session players Adam Davenport, Jason Monseur, Andrew Bates, Kenny Cresswell, Sarah Clanton Schaffer and Heber Pampillon. Thanks again t Heber for his producer skills. And thanks to all of the folks at The Roswell Tap, especially Jerome Stuart and Chip Jones, for helping to bring this project to light. Stay tuned for release info in the next few days and weeks!

Mixing for Roswell Tap compilation

Finished up ( or close to it) on Kali's Janette's warm and bouncy charmer "End of the Day." Man, that song makes you wanna dance! Bath Ballinger is back in Lucky Dog tomorrow night to put the finishing touches on her big, dangerous song. And Joe Kay is hard at work gettin' his groove on songs from Poverty Level and Summer Dare. This little album is gonna be delish! Can't wait until we release it in April. And look for news soon on a happy jamming release party at...where else?...The Roswell Tap in May.

Sarah Clanton Schaffer...Cell-tastic? Or cell-riffic?

Great to see Sarah again last night to record a couple of parts for songs on Beth's upcoming album. Always a pleasure to work with pros. And she has a redo of her song, "Dragons in the Kitchen" coming out real soon. Look for it and support indie music!

Close to wrapping up recording on the Roswell Tap project, then to the mixomatic. Really excited by the quality (and warmed by the friendliness) of the great local musicians on this project. Look for more updates soon, both here and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. It will come out just as the weather gets reliably warm and sunny in late April. Coincidence? I think not!