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PAp Records & Whitehouse Productions Joint Venture

We are happy to welcome our new studio manager & chief engineer – Nathan Sage, to the Whitehouse Productions family. Previous to working with us, he set up and managed Don Airey’s (Deep Purple, Ozzy, Rainbow, and more) UK studio. He even has the accent to prove it! Ring him up on 978-799-8029 and stop by to see whats new inside our walls. - Whitehouse Productions & PAp Records Exclusive Package -

In February 2014, Whitehouse Productions teamed up with Rhode Island based independent label PAp Records ®, to provide artists with the choice of recording either a single, a three track EP, or a full length album for a discounted price. The recording will then be followed by a release worldwide via PAp Records ®. The release will be supported with an Airplay campaign that is tailored to suit your budget. We will work within your budget so that you can compete worldwide with the Majors. Contact us via e-mail for full details.

Why You Have To “Promote” Your Music To Radio Now that you have taken the time to write, record and make a great record, you must put together a viable “plan of action” with respect to obtaining airplay if you hope to have any reasonable chance of success. One of the most misunderstood facts of marketing a record is how and why you must promote it to radio. Sending your release to radio, and actually getting airplay are two separate things. The most common misunderstanding of artists releasing music to radio is that they believe that if you send it to radio, and if everyone starts playing it, then it's a hit. And if they don’t start playing it, then it’s no good. This is not how radio works. It is important to understand that radio is not going to play your music NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS unless you MARKET IT TO THEM.

PAp Records 2014 Radio Sampler

DON'T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY Get on our 2014 Compilation Radio Sampler with worldwide radio campaign support !! email for details: info@paprecords.com

Happy Birthday

Founding member PAp Records Christopher Prevost turned forty six today .... "Feeling amazing and full of energy feeling not a day over 30 " he said .....He also commented that 2014 has numerous surprise announcements planned.. stay tuned ...

The Shed Spiders

WIRRAL band The Shed Spiders are putting the finishing touches to their debut album.

The group, recently signed by American-based PAp Records, are set to release Nothing To Prove in the next few weeks.

The five-piece alternative rock/pop band writes original music and film their own music videos for youtube and also have there first single released Lost In Your Mind, which is currently available on itunes.

The line-up features Oliver Byrne on vocals and guitars, singer Amanda Cadwallader, producer Carl Bennett on piano and synthesizer, Jon Beaman on bass and drummer Mark Beamish.

Carl told the Globe: "As a band we focus on our original material, we pride ourselves in the fact that everything to do with The Shed Spiders, everything you see and hear; is original and done by ourselves.

"We write, perform, record and mix our own songs by ourselves using our own equipment.

"In our debut album we bring emotion, feelings and thoughts heavily to the sound and lyrics, we have delivered a great all-round balance to the album ranging from hard up beat rock tracks to softer heartfelt ballads followed by feel good tracks."

Their many influences include Guns & Roses, Stereophonics, Oasis, 3 Doors Down and Nickelback.

For band updates follow www.facebook.com/pages/The-Shed-Spiders/109542639144166 or www.youtube.com/user/theshedspiders/videos

American Idol Season 13

Keri Lynn Roche is heading back to Idol for season thirteen. We wish her all the best ... Rock On Keri.

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