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What Happened to Music?

Not for nothing but we ask ourselves this very same question everyday and with the constant amount of generic music out on the radio it has us laughing. But people who don't understand the true essence of music keep buying garbage that is formulated to make you dumber. We at Darkstarz Records create high quality music and take time to put our best efforts, talent and content for the masses. The constant promotion of artists who don't care about the music culture continues to grow while independent artists such as ourselves feel the impact of it. We just want you to know that we need your support with our music and would like for you to promote our music if you can. Check us out at http://darkstarzrecords.com or http://darkstarzrecords.info

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Thank you for showing your support and without any of you we would not be able to move ahead with our music. We wanted to tell you to signup at http://darkstarzrecords.com to receive new updates, bonus materials, New videos, music and more. You can also signup to the newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of the site and entering your email.

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