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Unlock the Game Inside Your Music

Music Powered Games puts the power of mobile games in the hands of indie artists to help promote their music and create game-based revenues. With two-thirds of US smartphone users regularly playing games on their phones, chances are very good that your fans are too.

Our Music Monsters mobile game app builds on our patented technology for using song lyrics to drive behavior of objects in video games. The videos at www.YouTube.com/MusicPoweredGames show artists/managers how we use song lyrics to “Unlock the Game Inside Your Music.”

We create a custom version of the game for one or more of your songs. You can then give your game to your fans to start playing for free. So the game becomes a great commercial for you, your music, and more of your songs to play in the game.

If you are an artist with great music that has cool lyrics, we’d love to talk with you about Music Monsters. Just e-mail us at indies@musicpoweredgames.com or visit us at www.MusicPoweredGames.com