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WeRwe Records is excited to announce the release of their new premiere album, Volume One! It is scheduled to be available November 12th 2013. This new compilation features amazing and fresh talent from around the world. The album highlights an exhilarating mix of electronically influenced and instrumentally powerful tracks. However, the most thrilling aspect of this album is the liberating musical freedom exhibited by the uncommon styles of each unique artist. The compilation is not limited to only exploring a particular traditional genre, instead it is a showcase of talented and influential artists from various experienced backgrounds. Expect to be blown away by the surreal and unconventional sounds of robust artists like Kari Tribble, Kai Carra, Janice Kephart, Ryo Utasato, Mike White Presents and Athena. Their music is empowering and moving. The album also features dynamic indie influenced musicians including Mikel Hansel, Mike Colin and Cannon as well a classically inspired track by Eugene Jacquescoley. The music featured on this album will take the listener on a relaxing, invigorating, and inspiring journey. Prepare to dive into a surreal world of truly unique jams. Each artist creates their own vivid and captivating imagery which allows the listener to be transported to a new destination with each progressive track.. This is a bold and eclectic mix that you will be able to listen to over and over again. Upon each listening you will able to find new, subtle, and enjoyable elements in each track. Learn more about the upcoming release at http://www.werwe.com/one/artists.shtml.

Promo videos coming along


One month left

Oct. 1st is the latest day you can submit your agreements to ar@werwe.com for consideration in the compilation album. Please visit werwe.com/agreements for the "Volume One" compilation album agreements.

Agreement forms

Hi, If you want to be considered for the compilation album please use our handy form generator here http://werwe.com/agreements/

Slots still available for our first volume

Visit www.werwe.com/volume1.pdf and apply to be included in our first compilation album to be released this fall!

Lesser Apostles
Lesser Apostles  (over 3 years ago)

Yes. Use songs available for free download on Reverbnation.