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Thanks for your support. At http://addmyband.com/ we specialize in Reverbnation promotions and marketing. We help artists get more fans and climb the charts. For info go to addmyband.com/ Why Choose Us The charts speak for themselves. Our clients using our Full Social Media Packages have sky rocketed in the charts with the help of our promotions. Our promotions have jump started many artists that usually get lost in the huge world of social media. Here are some of the reasons why to use our services.

Our company was founded by musicians with over 10 years of promotion, marketing and artists development experience. You will get a free consultation on how we can help your social media campaign. Before we start your promotion you will receive a social media campaign status email explainig where you stand in your campaign and the goal of our promotions. We will keep you updated on your promotions with a weekly status email. With our Full Social Media Packages we sync all of your accounts so one status update shows up in all of your profiles. With other tools like Email blasts, blog placement, radio submissions, mass tweets and daily posts, we will make sure that tons of real fans are listening. Addmyband has also joined forces with Discover Media Network . A new Social Media Network that promotes all of your social media accounts in one place. With the help of this network you are able to reach all of your fans and all of the fans in our network with one status update. Just imagine you reaching over 175,000 fans in less than a minute. We take care of all of your promotions while you work on the creative side. For more info go to http://addmyband.com/

Russel P. Brown
Russel P. Brown  (over 4 years ago)

I'm R3C2 Music Corp. with a lot of artists. I will try you Thursday. send me same of your rates. russel.brown53@yahoo.com ]