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We Are Darian Fox

Being given the duty of blogging about something is always fun. It might occasionally be daunting for some, but when Darian Fox Music decided to let me blog for them I was so excited!

I am the publicist for the label and so I get to do all the fun writing and reviews and press releases and so on. I am in charge of telling you all how awesome we are, and convincing you with my words to keep checking us out, and help support our artists.

Here at the label our mission is to promote talent and enrich the lives of our people. Basically we want to take part in getting awesome artists out there in your faces so you get to enjoy what they have to offer.

As up and coming leaders in discovering, promoting and managing musical artists we are definitely a group to look into. Having excellent relationships with the top booking agents, venues and executives in the Treasure Valley and beyond gives us the opportunity to launch careers to another level with ease. With our inside information and staff, we work closely with our artists to enhance and promote the music side and handle all business aspects so you can do what you do best... make music.

Keep an eye out for us, because we are coming at you full force.

Meet the crew:

Kevin C Kellum / CEO & Co-Founder; Fawn Goodro / Co-Founder; Darian Renee / President Live Out Loud Records; Stephanie Kellum / VP Marketing Danielle Collins / VP Artist Booking; Cherie Kausler / VP Artist Touring; Valerie Bailor / Artist Development Mgr; Jason Harris / Artist Development Mgr; Aubrey Brower / Publicist; Say - So / Producer