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Month Three

Month Three, Four Bands On, Shows coming all over Dallas, Denton, Ft Worth, and beyond, keep a weather eye on the horizon, Releases coming from Art of Mistrust, and Another Year Colder any day now... we. are. following. our. dreams.

Since the word Go!

So, I have now started ads for both Another Year Colder and Velvet Guard and am writing up the contracts using a template I bought of the internets... I'm excited for these projects and am going to put all my effort into making them as successful as I can.

Setting the Stage


Getting ready to start a serious step into this music business, i've been listening to your concerns and thoughts on the industry and i'm ready to help you navigate through. Send me anything you have, i.e. demos, photos, video clips,or whatever you have and ill get to work on setting you up for success.

-Matthew Ryan

Velvet Guard
Velvet Guard  (over 8 years ago)

you rock matthew