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Syntax Vernac music video premier!

On August 22nd, we will be at Envy Ultra Lounge in Fullerton (CA) premiering Syntax Vernac's first official music video. And the best part is the party is FREE TO ATTEND! There will be live DJ sets, performances, full bar, and the Keep Records Booth will be selling $1 raffle tickets for all types of goodies!

Mark your calendars NOW for this FREE EVENT! And most importantly of all... Keep indie:)

Speach Impediments' new album!

Southern California's powerhouse of a hip hop group, Speach Impediments are dropping what has become their most anticipated project to date. If you would like to pre-order the album, get more intimately involved, or even simply would like to watch their newest music video, please copy the link below and paste it into your browser:


Press Release for $50!

Although our main focus is helping independent artists with worldwide distribution, we also offer several other services for those in need.

Press releases can be set up on your behalf through Keep Records for only $50! This will guarantee the placement of your press release in over 100 music-related blog posts, music review sites, and other independent networks.

If you are interested in setting up awareness for your next release or show in the form of an official press release, please contact an agent at the official e-mail address: KeepRecordsLLC@yahoo.com

Keep making that music!

Distribution for $75 or less!

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for distribution information, we've decided to post some details for all to see.

Without boring you with all the specific terms and technical talk, the cost of setting up distribution with Keep Records is AT MOST, $75 per project. This means that the only money out of your pocket WILL NOT be more than $75 to distribute your album. In many cases, it's actually less. For instance, if you already have a bar code (UPC) or if you're only looking to distribute a single rather than a full album.

After this payment, there is no annual or monthly fee to maintain your account. So if your current distributor is charging you a maintenance fee to continue service with them, feel free to jump ship over to Keep Records where we won't charge you unnecessary fees just for having your album in stores.

Big ups, and KEEP INDIE!

S.T.O.I.C. signs distribution deal with Keep Records.

Hip hop duo S.T.O.I.C. will be distributing their debut full-length album "The Fate Of The Great 13" through Keep Records.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado; S.T.O.I.C. has an energy in their live performance that is truly electrifying. If you haven't had the chance to see them on stage, do yourself a favor and get a ticket to their next show.

The official release date for The Fate Of The Great 13 is 04-14-12. The album will be available worldwide at all major digital retailers.

Keep Records picks up Syntax Vernac's "Spring Broken" EP!

We are happy to announce that Keep Records has set up a licensing deal with Syntax Vernac! After careful consideration, we will be working on a special edition re-press of his most successful EP, "Spring Broken".

Redesign, pressing, bar code, copyright, distribution, and marketing will all be handled by Keep Records! We're very excited about this project being our first hard copy press in the catalog.

More information will be released soon, as we are still setting up marketing and a release date for the EP. Stay tuned!

Label services for independent musicians!

Our goal here at Keep Records is to put the power into the hands of the artist. Tired of seeing countless musicians get taken advantage of by big-budget labels, we decided to service the "small guys".

We offer services that allow the artist to keep their rights while still getting the opportunity to be side by side with major artists, thus evening out the playing field.

Distribution, promotion, marketing, mobile recording (we'll come to your house or hotel room!), management, and booking are just a handful of the services we offer. And you don't have to break the bank!

If you're an independent musician who's looking for help in virtually ANY aspect of your craft, don't hesitate to contact us!

Product development.

Keep Records is in the process of lining up a promotional campaign to create awareness for our services to independent musicians. Along with servicing indie artists, we are also working on setting up a few release dates for traditional projects to be distributed and promoted under the Keep Records moniker.

Please stay tuned as we will be releasing more information on those upcoming projects within the next couple weeks!

Jim Marcotte
Jim Marcotte  (about 5 years ago)

Thanks for the fanning... fanned you back - so here's my deal.. I have several recorded non-mastered "demos" and more coming...do you have any advice on achieving my goal of recording a 10 song "album" - what's the best / cheapest way to master and produce?

First release in the works!

We're currently in the process of putting together two different releases. For legal purposes, neither one of them can be listed just yet. But both are in the genre of hip hop.

One is an EP, and the other is a Single. One of them for sure, will be released by this summer!

We're also accepting all submissions (physical only, please) with an emphasis on hip hop music. The first Keep Records compilation is in it's embryo stages right now, so stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!

-Keep Records Staff

The '86 Angels
The '86 Angels  (over 5 years ago)

Keep Records! Didn't know this was you, Man. Best of luck to you, Brotha. Any more thought to getting that track over to me? Lemme know.
Also....Can you get me in touch with Anthony? I need a logo, too. If not I'm just going to use my face like Aphex Twin.

Accepting submissions.

Keep Records is now currently accepting submissions of all kinds. That's right! ANY genre, ANY photo, and ANY suggestion will be getting our full attention.

Whether it's a demo, completed project, design... whatever! We'll be reviewing every piece of mail that comes through to the label.

Although feedback is not guaranteed, the fact that your submission will get the attention it deserves IS guaranteed.

Let the games begin!