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Tre Fo and J-Folk both go down with illness...

Tre Fo and J-Folk from Black Gold Records were both recently hospitalized due to illnesses this past weekend. Tre Fo was admitted to Mercy hospital after dealing with a sore throat for over a week. " I didn't think it was that serious at first. I figured a lil' salt water swish and some pain meds and I would get over it quickly but it was deeper than that." said Fo when we caught up to him at his home in Des Moines, IA. At the time of this interview he had just gotten home and was tearing off the hospital bands." It really all started with a ear infection I came down with after our last show. I never went to get it checked out cuz I been dealing with stuff like that since I was a kid. Then my throat got real sore after a session and I blew it off like I was just a lil hoarse or somethin'. Next thing I know its a good week later and I couldn't eat and could barely talk. So I took a trip to my doc's and he said it was just a sore throat and I should be good with some prescribed antibiotics. I sat with those for another couple days and when I couldn't eat some chicken tacos I knew something was really wrong." Fo said. " I convinced him to go into the ER and sat with him all night, " said Black Gold Records artist and Tre Fo's fiance' Thang 1, "we didn't know what was going to happen." As they took Fo's vitals everything seemed to be normal then they noticed the extreme swelling in his throat and realized the problem was bigger than they had imagined. " They got me into a room and immediately hooked me up to two I.V.s and started to give me intravenous antibiotics and pain meds. They told me there was no way I was going home with this level of infection in my throat cuz it started to spread to my brain." Fo said. " They said it was celluitis. Ironically, last year around this time I was in the hospital for the same thing just at that point it was in my hand. It's kinda scary to think that something like that can take you under like that but if you're a stubborn ass like me and don't like hospitals then you suffer a lil bit before saying enough is enough." Tre Fo was released Saturday morning and is currently recovering at home preparing for the next live show at the Krazee Kafe' and the Fitted and Tattooed tour coming this summer. When asked if this will stop them from performing Fo smiled and said "it will take more than that to stop me from being with my peoples and fans. I love them all too much to disappoint them." J-folk had some health issues this past weekend as well. He came down with the flu and had to be rushed to Lutheran ER. " Iwas at Fo's house the night he had came home from the hospital and we was just kickin it and happy he made it, you know? I hadn't been feeling well for a few days myself. I ended up passing out at his place and when I woke up in the morning I was puking and in severe pain. I called my girl and had her come take me to the ER and I was told I had a slab of things wrong but the flu was the worst of it." said Folk. " Iwas like what the fucc! Why is this happening to us right now?", exclaimed Fo while we was talking to the two about their recent trips to the ER. " It was like a domino effect, Fo goes down then I go down. I didn't know what to think and truthfully I was hoping we didn't have the same thing cuz Fo was suffering!" , the two laughed and made jokes about it. "We do take it seriously though," said Folk, " we don't like our fans and families worried about us and we appreciate all the love we got while we was down. it helps out a lot when you have people that care about you in your corner helping you battle that type of thing." "I'm just happy my homie is ok and we can still do what we love to do and thats perform for our Tribe." Said Folk as we ended the interview and let the guys rest. From all of us here at N Tha $treet$ magazine we wish you guys a speedy recovery and we look forward to the next show and all others after that.- Tryptikahn form N Tha $treet$ magazine.

Fitted and Tattooed Tour Auditions

Black Gold Records is putting together a city-wide tour and we're looking for other local artists to take part in this opportunity. The tour will take place next summer depending on how fast we can get responses from anyone interested in performing. Please submit music in mp3 format to blackgold_records@yahoo.com. Submissions to this audition are free and there is no obligation. If you are not selected for the tour your music will not be used for any other promotions or auditions. If you are selected or the tour you ill be given the full details via e-mail. Thank you for your attention to this notice of this upcoming event. This will change the landscape of the hip-hop scene in the city of Des Moines.

Kafe' tries to stump D.M.I. party...

Every once in a while you have a situation where a solution can be reached with good judgement and everyone can walk away with good feelings. This latest live event for Dirty Money Islanders was not that at all. As everyone who has attended a Black Gold Records live event anywhere, there is usually a drink being poured from the stage from either Tre Fo, Loco, J-Folk, and on occasion Mittz Malone.(Black Golds Records newest addition.) However, upon arrival the entourage was greeted with hostility from the Krazee Kafe' management. " We were told we couldn't pour the drinks we had for the crowd off the stage or at all.", said D.M.I. member Tre Fo. " It was really heartbreaking because we did it the last time we had a show at the Kafe'." Apparently there was a mix up of a fee that wasn't paid and the fact that it was a 18+ event. " Regardless, with the things that happened that day and not being able to do our tradition the night felt awkward and mistakes were made.", said J-Folk. "I feel like we would've be able to do a lot more by having OUR type of party, like always." J-Folk continued to refer to the events that happened early that day in Connecticut." When Tre was tellin me how the guy just mowed down those kids and teachers after he killed his mother I was thinking about how my mother passed away and how a person could be so heartless and go to such extremes. Fo was for real tearin up cuz his kids are at that age and it really hits home when the innocent aren't immune to such terrible acts of violence." Loco was not available for comment. The group showed homage to the victims and families in a short speech and Tre Fo commented on how other acts didn't acknowledge the horrific events sooner in the evening stating he was "shocked" and "appalled" that nobody said anything about the incident. When asked about his short rant he calmly stated," I'm not a person to hold his tongue about anything. The things that happened and the innocent life that was taken needed to be spoken about so those souls don't go in vain. I've dealt with a lot of loss these last few years so I feel for them and you can tell that the whole world, even the worlds at war, are looking at this situation and are thinking about change. Anyone who has kids right now is afraid to send their kids to school for fear some sick person decides he wants to duplicate this tragedy. Whats even more sad, is the fact that there was somebody out there sick enough to do it in the first place." Black Gold Records staff say rumors are they may quit doing the celebration at the beginning of the show but that was quickly dismissed by J-Folk." As long as we can work it out with the management we will continue to throw our shows our way. We know they have to make money too so it will be easy to work out a solution. Hell, Fo don't even drink!" he laughs as we concluded the interview. All in all, the Dirty Money Islanders put on a great show despite all the issues and the only thing I could say is I had a good time but tradition is tradition. Hopefully the guys will be able to keep tradition on stage so we can continue to stand with you and know we are supporting the best in the city.-Tryptikahn for N Tha $treet$ magazine.

Live Performances

If you ever been to a Black Gold Records live event, whether its opening for Skatterman or Kutt Kalhoun or headlining the venue, there is always a free drink to be had with D.M.I.'s finest. " It's a way for us to give back to the people.", said Tre Fo. " We love our city and we love what we do so we try to have a good time wherever it is, no matter the venue." When asked if any venues get upset about the fact that they pour out a gallon of rum or a bottle of ty-ku all the guys replied the same way, " If they did we would have respect for that, but our fans know we will just end up in the parking lot with the bottle and cups of our own anyway and then it's a REAL party. But so far the venues have been real cool about it." The D.M.I. have two live events this month on Dec. 14th at Krazee Kafe' and on the 26th at The House of Bricks. When asked if they are ever nervous before a show or when they are performing at different venues they replied with a simple, " We have too much fun to be nervous." Sitting front row at the last show on Nov.16th I can tell you this, this is one live show you won't sit down at.-Tryptikahn For N Tha $treetz magazine.

New roster additions

Black Gold Records continues it's trek to be Iowa's #1 recording label with two new additions to the roster. We'll be polite and talk about the ladies first as Black Gold Records has added the talents of Thang 1 and Thang 2. Thang 1 is a vocal powerhouse and although 21 years young has a voice of experience. Then you have Thang 2, wild yet serene and intelligent. Together the two are a formidable force in the hip-hop and r&b scene in the city. Also most have heard of 5.I.5 through internet buzz or watching the videos of their live performances or have went to them. Now the 5.I.5 has a home where you can get exclusives from the guys themselves. Although individually Tre Fo, Pain Killa, and Tre-h A.k.A... have their own agendas, (Tre Fo is currently recording with his fellow label mates for the Islanders album and for his solo debut as well, Pain Killa is recording his solo debut, and Tre-H A.k.A... is currently setting the reigns on his own label Hoodlum INC.) they still join together and bring to the masses what many say "started it all" for the trio. With the addition of the 5.I.5. and Thang 1 & Thang 2 the label is continuing to show the diversity in hip-hop music that has been the staple of the culture for the past 20 years.