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And the World moves on...

I have to give a sincere shout out to all of our haters. Without them, I would have no idea that we are doin so much right! Lol, haters gonna hate, and since we're not stopping, I guess that means we instigate... Haha

Underground Invasion

Oct. 19th at the GI Forum in Cheyenne there will be a showcase of talent never forgotten! Doors will open at 7:00pm and the show will start at 8:00pm. $10 at the door ain't bad either!! This show is open to all ages, so come and join the party!

News Flash!

Sat. Feb. 11th in Cheyenne, there will be a huge show in Cheyenne, Wy! We will be performing with Kodeine Kings, Dead Generation, Ray Ray from CMR, and more! It's gonna be a great party! So, get your sweetheart, get your tickets, and get your ass to where the party's at! The St. Valentine's Day Bash is where you wanna go!

What's Up!!!!

Thursday, the 8th, the KILLED it in Laramie, WY! 2nd on the playlist, n we had a decent crowd. Everyone went wild! So, just be ready for Dec. 30th, cuz it's gonna be a wild ass party!! N by the way, tickets are on sale, so you can go ahead and get em now for $17 in advance, OR you can wait n get em at the door for $21. OR if you decide to pick up our cause, you can go ahead and bring 3 or more canned good or non-perishable items for the Salvation Army and get in the door for $18. But, in any case, it was a riot! N what's more, today we were on the radio. Casper's Rock station had us on Locals hour. SO, if you missed it, go ahead n check us out on http://rock967online.com , we on the radio tonight, And WE ONLINE! So, check us out, cuz you wanna hear this shit, for real!!