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Upcoming Shows as of Feb. 21st, 2012

Date/Band/Venue/Location/Doors/Cover Feb 24th/Channel 27/Murray Street Darts/Colorado Springs/9pm/$2 Mar 2nd/Fatal Memory/Old Curtis/Denver/7pm/$5 Mar 2nd/Daybreak Comes to Dawn/Zodiac/Colorado Springs/8pm/$5 Mar 4th/Channel 27/Dickens Opera House/Longmont/7pm Mar 16th/Empire in Peril/Sidekicks Saloon/Westminster/7pm/$7 Mar 16th/Daybreak Comes to Dawn/BarBar/Denver/8pm Mar 17th/Aesthetic Delirium/Sidekicks Saloon/Westminster/7pm/$7 Mar 23rd/Channel 27/Sidekicks Saloon/Westminster/7pm/$7 Mar 23rd/Daybreak Comes to Dawn/Sidekicks Saloon/Westminster/7pm/$7 Mar 30-31st/Fatal Memory/Live, Loud, and Local Festival/ Sunshine Studios/Colorado Springs 3pm/$10 Mar 30-31st/Daybreak Comes to Dawn/Live, Loud, and Local Festival/ Sunshine Studios/Colorado Springs/3pm/$10 Apr 6th/Empire in Peril/Murray Street Darts/Colorado Springs/9pm/$2 Apr 7th/Channel 27/Rascals Bar/Colorado Springs/8pm Apr 15th/Fatal Memory/Dickens Opera House/Longmont/7pm Apr 20th/Fatal Memory/Sidekicks Saloon/Westminster/7pm/$7 Apr 22nd/Empire in Peril/Dickens Opera House/Longmont/7pm Apr 27th/Channel 27/Murray Street Darts/Colorado Springs/8pm/$2

Big things are coming!

Things are rocking for my bands and I am proud to say I am their manager. I full heartedly believe in all of the musicians I support. These guys (and Amy) deserve to go places for the meer fact that they truely do it for the music. Like guitarist Eric Madrid says: "5 or 5,000 it doesn't matter." With things rolling the way they are and more bands looking to gain management, my plan is starting to become more refined. Soon enough people will see it and everyone involved will reap the rewards- rewards that were and still being earned. Looking back at my previous post, I see that in mid December I had my first booked show out of Colorado Springs, to date I have 4 shows booked in Denver within the next month, with more on the way. Not to mention the bigger things going on in the community and in the near future. I am so excited. Its amazing. This is a sincere thank you to everyone that has helped me. I appreciate it. The musicians I work for are absolutely amazing and I am proud to be the one that gets to bring them to the world. My hat is off to you!

Expanding my roster

My roster seems to be expanding. I now officially mange 5 bands: Fatal Memory, Channel 27, Red Clay Revolt, Empire in Peril, and the newest member, Daybreak Comes to Dawn. I also have 2 bands on my roster for promotional purposes: Black Lung and Reign of Emptiness. It is great to see the potential in local musicians. I am blown away by the talent that is out there. I love that I not only get to experience the music but get to aid in their success.

First show out of the Springs

Channel 27 and Fatal Memory played a great show in Denver last night (December 12th, 2011). Dispite the holiday season and finals for most students, the show was rockin. Channel 27 opened the night and rocked the house followed by MOP-C and then Fatal Memory. By their set, Fatal Memory was pumped and ready to rock and displayed great talent. It was an amazing night with Toasted and another band finishing. I am very happy to say that I am the manager of such great talent!

Business and then some

Wow I love the music industry! I am learning so much and with hopes come the new year I will be the proud owner of a business license for my up and coming talent management company. I am really enjoying working with local artist and am hopefully that I may even branch out and take on some not so local artists. As I have said before I do this for the musicians. I love seeing people that work as hard as they do succeed. With two of the bands I manage hitting the studio in the next few months and most of them having upcoming shows I am excited to see where this is going. The business plan is almost finished and I would like to thank all of the musicians in my life for giving me this awesome opportunity! You guys are great!

Goals and Aspirations

Over the past month or so I am realizing that local musicians work harder than a lot of people. Getting their music known and trying to play gigs is hard work. Its even harder in a society that prefers to book cover bands over original music bands. I definitely have some plans in the works that I am hoping will change that. My goal is to get original bands booked and their amazing music heard and appreciated. After all, in my opinion, if I wanted to hear a "cover" I will just listen the the original band!

Becoming a Talent Manager

This is my first blog entry and I first want to thank you for reading this if you are. Second I want to say that I cannot believe what a trip it has been the last few months, from meeting the boys of the band Fatal Memory, to becoming a writer, to gaining awesome friendships with not only the members of Channel 27 but the rest of the people I have met along the way. I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to work with some amazing bands and really dive into the music industry. I am going to start blogging about my experiences over the next few month, just as a more permanent log of what is going on. Thanks again for listening!