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Promotions on Uptone new Website

As some of you know we are building a new website to replace the old one. There are over 100 bands/artist on the website.

Contact us on bands@uptone-entertainment.com.au with your contact details and a link to your bands facebook/website page.

We promote the following: Bands/Artists of all genres Recording/Rehearsal Studios Record Companies Venues/Bookers Booking Agents Photographers Music Teachers Management Companies Promoters Event Management Graphic/Web Designers

The site will not be ready for a few weeks so please be patient. There is another project we are working on an will let those who could be involved know shortly.

We will be doing the same as before where a link to the bands/artists are sent out to industry professionals. This was done on a monthly basis and is entirely up to them whether they contact you.

Thank you for all your support in the past and we are looking forward to a rocking future.

2000 Things to Generate 20,000 Fans Challenge

2000 Things to Generate 20,000 Fans Challenge Create Flyer Notepads for Clubs. This idea comes from David Codr of Musicpage.com. David presented this idea at a guerrilla promotions seminar at the Driven Music Conference. Bars and clubs never have note paper available, you and the venue are always writing on napkins or using somebodies show flyer. Well… create a small 3×5 flyer for your show, include other info such as website, album or single release info etc. Then get a small stack of the flyers bound together like a simple notepad, but make sure the blank side of the flyer faces up.

Then go to the venue and ask if you can leave some notepads for them to use and lay around.

If they have box office see if you can leave some with them.

Now you have your flyers in the venue and placed in a useful situation, not just tacked to a wall, where people will write notes, put them in their pocket and take them home.

Be careful about putting show dates for other venues on the flyer, they might like that too much.

By putting non show info on them you are promoting yourself even after the event has passed.

Booking Confirmation Checklist.

This checklist was prepared by MusicNSW with the assistance of Simpsons Solicitors www.simpsons.com.au

This is a checklist of key details which should be included in a booking confirmation agreement. It is not exhaustive. It is not a substitute for legal advice. Every engagement is different in some way. Almost all deals can be improved by professional analysis and negotiation. You should get competent and specialised legal advice on the subject matter and terms of any agreement before you sign anything. However, this checklist sets out the details and issues you should be on the look-out for.

1 Artist(s) details a. Name(s) b. ABN(s) and account number c. Address d. Contact person and number

2 Employer’s details a. Name b. ABN c. Address

3 Performance details a. Venue details (Name, room name, address, capacity, contact person (different for stage and lighting?), number, sound or time restrictions): i. Stage requirements (including equipment) ii. Power requirements iii. Transport arrangements b. Date(s) c. Times: i. Equipment access ii. Sound check iii. Doors open iv. Bump out d. Performance: i. Number of sets ii. Duration of each set iii. Duration of breaks iv. Covers e. Artist Rider (refreshments?) f. Order of billing

4 Fee (or basis of calculation) a. Deposit (timing of deposit payment) b. Payment method and time (e.g. “by cash immediately after each performance”) c. GST included (artist registered for GST?) d. Cover charge (percentage to artist?) e. Minimum Ticket Sales? f. Sound Engineers g. Transport and Accommodation

5 Promotion arrangements Who makes promo arrangements and pays?

6 Cancellation and termination a. Venue cancellation fee (timing) b. Artist no-show (Force majeure)

7 Liability a. Lost or stolen goods b. Injury c. Insurance

This checklist is an initiative of the Australian Music Industry Network. For more information visit www.amin.org.au