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Stuart Krittman's first post Snugg Wheatley cd from 2005, The Cleanse, is being re-released on JCB Music. 11 powerful, hook-filled rock songs chronicling his personal health battles . 7 years later and stronger than ever, he is working on 14 new songs that speak with a voice of renewed optimism, humor, and balance.

HoneyRock and Lab Project CDs Done!!

Look for the full cds to be uploaded in the coming days.


JCB Music is pleased to offer 2 new full cd releases from HoneyRock and Lab Project in the coming weeks. Watch for them, and keep on rockin'...

Tom Kane in the studio

The voice behind most of the Pixar/Disney movie trailers; the announcer for multiple Academy Award broadcasts including the most recent 83rd annual; the voice of several Star Wars characters ( including stepping in on occasion for Frank Oz to voice Yoda): Tom Kane at JCB Music! All this and countless other voice overs to his credit in his 15 years in the business. His managment called in frantic need of a studio for Tom to work his magic on some lines needed for the movie trailer of the soon to be released Real Steel ( starring Hugh Jackman). Tom had just arrived in San Diego for Comic Con and did not have access to his LA studio. It was a delight to work with him and to hear some priceless voices AND stories. You're the best, Tom.

cassettes to MP3s

All you songwriters out there who have cassettes ( yeah you read right) filled with song ideas/fragments/demos and need to get them transfered to mp3 format ... come to jcbmusic, your friend in the digital music age. Peter Rahill, a recent LA native who transplanted to SD relatively recently brought in a gem from 1980 on cassette today, and walked out with an mp3 of it.