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Advice For Bands - How To Earn A Living

You want to earn a living? Stop playing at bars with built-in crowds. You need to get into small venues first, sell tickets to friends, advertise yourself, give away swag when you sell your tickets. Get new people to YOUR show. Bars have their own fans and most times those bar fans won't follow you to the next gig. They are at that bar because they like that bar and it's where their friends are. They aren't really there to see you, but you become the bars consolation prize. Yes they do pay, but you won't make a living doing that. Here's the key... fans buy swag... not bar flies. Fans follow you to shows, bar flies stay at their local dive. Building fans can be hard work, but if you're not up for hard work, then maybe the music business isn't where you belong. When you have a good home fan base, (100+ fans), then stretch your legs a bit. Get out on tour and join up with an act that is on tour. Or go out and play festivals, fairs or even tailgate parties at the football game. It requires some research and again, hard work. Also... get advice from bands that do have large fan bases. Go to their shows and try to get into their circle so you might get a show together. There is no short cut, and you are not entitled to a fan base. In this business, you are competing with literally thousands of bands trying to get the same recognition as you and those that work hard at it will win the prize. Want more advice? Let us know where you are struggling and see if we can't give you an answer in the next blog.

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Fetal Zombie closing on 100,000 fans

Pacific Rim Records is proud to have Fetal Zombie as a part of the family. With a sound that sells and a group of musicians that have the right stuff, it's only a matter of time before everyone is watching.

Check out the May 2011 Newsletter from Pacific Rim Records, featuring Fetal Zombie and their influence on the world.

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Bass Ackwards seeking a replacement on Bass Guitar

As of Monday, March 21, 2011, Michael Baggs (Bass Player) of Bass Ackwards resigned. The band is currently seeking a replacement gun to fill the role that Michael played in the band to be able to project the energy and excitement that Baggs gave to the show. Baggs left the band due to personal issues that were unrelated to the band and did not leave on bad terms.

Auditions for the position are being held currently and the turnout has been huge.

As for the remaining members of the band, they all wish Baggs the very best and hope that he finds success in music and life.

View the Bass Ackwards facebook profile at: www.facebook.com/bassackwardsmusic

The Art of Life Band - Music Review

Who is the Art of Life Band? Who do they think they are anyway? Coming out of the woodwork with powerful music, and a human attitude. It just can't be right? But then again, there they are just hanging it all out.

Lets just look for a moment at "Hard Times". It's just plain, straight forward rock and roll indicative of bands like Steppinwolf. It just sounds like we should all be at STURGIS Biker rally. Again, straight forward Rock and Roll and it gets the blood moving.

Then, they change it up on us and bring us "The Cut In Me" (the title track of their CD). This song seems to have influences from bands like YES, Gentle Giant, and even Pink Floyd. It's just absolutely the sound that indie bands have been waiting to become. The sound that is familiar, and still be different.

The Art of Life Band is really turning the times to a more melodic yet powerful sound that reflects what we saw in the late 60's through mid 70's without sacrificing the modern alternative sounds. Rock and Roll never came so far as the past and never traveled back so far as today all at the same time until the Art of Life Band.

---- Review by: --------------- JB King - Pacific Rim Records