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2013 NnS

We are coming back in a bigger and better way with brand new music,artists and a new beatmaker to help me out with some of the work!! Yall show some love to BeatzByClark!!! That man is a real soldier stationed in Kuwait still bringing us bad ass Texas style beats to rock yalls shit with lol... Expect Buddas' new album this summer along with a new DSP album in the making for this summer or latest this fall. Much Love to our fans and friends who support what we do,we couldn't do this without you!!!!

BeatzByClark™  (over 4 years ago)

Certified trunk bangers from ya boy!!

Thats whats up

Its on!

Fake Ass Friends

You know who ya are BITCHES!!!!!! We still #1 and #2 so retire from something that never really paid ya anyways.... we do this for fun and rock stronger than you can lil man! We back BITCH! 10 Fold Retaliation is a MUST! Our Music will shine brighter than all you bustaz could ever try to do before....You cant stop this,RETIRE cuzz you SUCK as a Rapper! Open Fire on all you Bitches!

Texas & Michigan Music make up N&S Productionz

Michigan has alot of talent for musicians and we wanna embrace that.....Beau,Naughty Boi,LiL Momma and B Dogg are from Texas while the rest are from Michigan. We have 2 different styles that collab together forming North & South Productionz....We wanna show the world that music isnt dead just these new rappers have lost the true meaning of REAL MUSIC!!!!

much Love to the Fans!!!!!!!

We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop and all other music genre charts for Escanaba & Marquette, MI. www.reverbnation.com/bdoggoftheofficialdspfamily www.reverbnation.com/theofficialdspfamily


Is self expression from the heart and soul. DSP is taking it to another level for the beautiful underground scene where music is still pure and not mainstream...(and no fucking autotune bullshit) It is what it is so we gonna do what we do.