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Once again its back to writing songs for the band... There should be some new Reb music by the start of Spring .....Yes.. another Born Again Rebels record.....Stay intouch and Happy Holidays every one


Wah wah wah...No tour 2 for us ....I know.. Total buzz kill but our van is shot and really expensive to fix so our chances of another tour or run are put on hold until Dec...Were looking at a week run down in the Southland which would be great for that time of year...If anyone has any Venu contacts or info they could pass on to us that would be sick...In other new ..The Rebs will be playing the last 2 weekends of Sept so keep your eyes open for that...Also we have just been booked to play with the allmighty Taproot in Geneva OH...So people in OH or even our crazy Syracuse friends and fans who are not scared of a little driving and just want to get down where ever cuz thats how we do it lol ...Keep your eyes open again for that is well ...Hope you all are rockin where ever you may be ..Stay safe everyone

Back from Tour

Ok...So i am back from tour....Everything that could have went wrong did go wrong....Il let you all in on that in a sec but for now ....Let me set you up.... The Rebs and Interrogate our friends from Northern Ireland were going on a little 2 week loop through OH,K.Y, N.C,N.J,NYC....Phillie and Richmond i wont even get into....Our van had been making this weird knockin noise for a little while now...We had it checked out before we left by a friend who said that the lower part of our motor had to be replaced.... (After draining most of the band's money on ball joints and breaks) We decided to say fuck it and "rock it till the wheels fall off"lol (We didnt think the wheels were comin off that night) So like the bunch of super smart and rich guys that we are ....We leave with the van the way it was....So first night...We are playing the infamous and allways beautiful Geneva ,Ohio....After hours of debating our options in the parking lot of "The Cove"(venu we were playing that night )We decided to send the van back home to Syracuse where it could be fixed by a friend.....So Trandon our manager and Eric our bassist drive the van back as far as it would go...Mind you the motor was so bad..You could put the pedal to the floor and it would make its way to 60 mph in id say like 10 min...Maybe thats a bit to much but you get what im saying ...Next ...THE BREAKDOWN which took place in Geneva NY... Crazy i know....The tow guy picked Tran and Eric up from the middle of no where and dropped them off in the middle of no where cuz he "couldnt drive to Syracuse" What is this guy thinking ?....Ok ...So they get the van back and eventually meet up with us in Columbus OH( What a gig) il leave it at that....Cinnci was amazing till mine and Eric's acoustic bass were stolen shortly after that show...We gottem back though the next morning which is kinda crazy...Actualy whats even more crazy is the "kids" that stole our guitars and Trandon's Jafaican Hat ,stole a Jeep as well...Wrecked it on a high speed pursuit with the cops....They survived and so did the guitars..Wish i could say the same for the Jeep...Kinda crazy...Oh yea almost forgot about riding in the back of a Uhaul on like a 100 degree day...Sleeping in the Uhaul in a Wally World parking lot...Cooking 3 day old hambugers which were stored in barely cold enough cooler water in the Wally World parking lot @ 4:00in the morning oh yes ...You all heard of the Sanfransico treat...Well thats the Cinncinati treat...NYC was great as allways ...Gotta love them parking tickets...230 dollars worth in no less then an hour of being there...Along with the new wave English bands with there alligator shoes and jeans smaller then my sister's...7 dollar beers and 10 dollar slices of pizza.....NYC IM OUT!!!!!.......Theres def more but i think that covers enough for now....Sorry it takes me forever to blog...Been straped with the new record and tour but ....The record is out the tour is over ...Well this one ....We have one coming up starting Monday with our friends from Truman Highway (Boston Mass)...So il keep trying my best to get back to you guys sooner ....Hope you liked the story ....It was def all worth it and alot of fun... and for sure was Rock N Roll... I wanna give a shout out real quick and thank you here to our Irish brothers Interrogate ...We couldnt have finished with out you guys.....Keep rockin everyone and stay safe ] : )

I wont delete EVERYTHING i wrote again ....Only a few weeks left (take 2)

So its back to practice here for the Rebs with only a few weeks left till we record this monsterous pain in the ass peice of what we hope to call music...Were directing our focus now on the finer details of these songs and are now looking to tighten down any remaining loose ends ...Im really happy with how everything is coming along so far...While on this subject ...I would also like to send a couple Thank You's to our good friends Brett Walts and the all mighty Joco for choosing to work with us on this project..."For those who live on Mars" ...They are the BEST audio engineers in the game around these parts today....Next i wanna mention that we do have Maylene tix for sale ...YES..We our opening for Maylene and the Sons of Disaster in Rochester @ the Montage Music Hall May 17th it should be a FUCKING phenomonal show ...So if anyone needs any tickets get ahold of me or any one of the guys in the band here on Reverb or on the book of Face's...They are only 10 bucks and I think we only have like 15 or 20 left so hit me up FAST... Finally, This Friday I will be playing a solo acoustic show @ Edge Water grill located on 2 Oswego St in Bville.. There is no cover charge and plenty of drink specials all night so stop out and have a couple dozen ...Well thats it for now everyone ...Sports center is coming on,I smell like a foot and need a shower ...Talk to you all next week sometime ...Gary

So its been a while

So its been a little while since I blogged at all so just gonna ramble for a sec.....First I would like to say the new record is coming along very nicely and will be ready for release in June...Which means more ear candy for you all...We started the foundations of this record a few years ago and now we have finally have the finished product...Kind of a big deal for us and most definitely a weight lifted off our shoulders until next winter ha ha ...We are coming up on our summer tours here shortly with our good friends from Truman Highway out of Boston Mass....and Interrogate from the U.K.....should be a good time ...The tour schedules will be posted shortly here on Reverbnation or Facebook...Which brings me to my next topic...Street teams...To all street teamer's you will be getting a promo package with in the next few months which will include mini fliers,stickers,demos and such which will need to be passed out to as many people as possible...In return i will personally send you guys some t shirts and some signed shit,hoodies if we get them..What ever you want basically in terms of merch...I will do my best ...So i will be getting in touch with all of you soon for a mailing address for these packs ....So i think that's a wrap for this blog ...everyone stay safe and keep rockin......Gary

Fusion Show

Last nights show F'in rocked ...Thank god for Stone Soul Foundation they are the cats pajama's...Check them out by the way if you get the time ....I also would like to thank our friends in 9 Round for opening the night ....def lookin forward to jammin with those catz again ....Any how its time to head back to practice tomorrow to work on the last few songs of the record.....That means its time for me to catch up on some much needed sleep ......gooooooooooooood night


RALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPH .....yea so thats what happened when i walked out of the airport this morning and seen all snow we still have lol...Well i think thats what put the icing on the cake for me ....Originaly i thought it was the few beers i had for a much too early breakfast @ JFK that thrown together reallllll nicely with some turbulence and Volia there you have it .... but any how im home ........WAH WAHH WAHHHHHH ready to get my jam on fo sho tonight over at Club Fusion in N. Syr.. I had a tremendous time in North Carolina and now its time to get back to work...

North Carolina Blog

I am here in N.C on a much needed vacation...It is warm,sunny,beautiful and filled with fried FOOD!!!!!yes FOOD!!!The other love of my life... besides music and Heather ...LOL...Anyhow i am having a great time and never want to return to the tundra ever again .....Im thinkin also this blog would be a lot easier to write if Heather's cat would keep its ass out of my face lmao...(true story) OK...So every time Ive logged on to my account in the past week i have like 10 to 20 new friends everyday which is tremendous guys ....Thank you TONZ : ) I will keep trying to spread our music like a virus everyday because of your support ..If anyone would like to help please get a hold of me here on Reverb...Tryin to make a little noise here if you know what i mean ....Well the rest of the week should be good ...Going to see Brand New Sin open up for Slash in Charolette on Thursday and right here in Raleigh on Friday our friends in Thunderbrew ...Should be a good time ....Leave some love ....goodnight reverb land

Round 2 of thank you's annnnnnnnnnnd a little update from the freeze box

SOOOOOOooo Ive made 80 friends in the past two days which is pretty bad ass for me ...Id like to thank all of those again who have accepted me here on the verb and would like to let you all know that any help promoting us online or offline would be sooooooooo appreciated ...Starting a street team would be nice but that involves money... for more merch... Which i do not have ... wah wah wah...So that is also a plan i must figure out...( yo yo i got it.....We can sell WEED!!! ha ha j/p )In the mean time there are some new pics ive posted on our bands reverb page so check'em out if you get a sec....I think there is one in particular you all might enjoy : )HA ..Anyhow its time for a quick game of Madden then off to bed ...2 Shows this weekend cant flippin wait..nite to all

First day

So after twelve straight hours of addding people on reverb for the band I am off to pass out...Thanks to all that have accepted me as a friend.You guys are the ISH..lol.. Any how any help promoting would be much appreciated...I will go through and request every last person on Reverb if i have too...which will really suck ...I know it sounds rediculous but theres gotta be people out there that can help us...Lets build a squad and take over the world...ha ha ...hope thats how the story is written ...gnight to all