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I just needed the fire to set me free into music...

Hello I am llkg, some may know me as Linda, or Msskydove on Youtube. I love music and I enjoy sharing it with others. For many years I put my love for music on the back burner. Than one day someone woke the fire that rested deep with-in my soul. And now the music fills my veins daily. I hear music everywhere I go from the wind chimes next door to the music that fills the air. My time spent out listening to music has been on hold for sometime now, but I have been burning up my speakers on my system. I will share your music with others and I will encourage you to keep going and never give up on your dreams. So now when you light up the system and start playing your music remember there are folks out here listening and want to hear what you are doing. I have met some wonderful people throughout my journey from composing their own music too playing covers. Blues is my number one in my life. I am also into jazzy blues, jazz, some R&B, christian, classic rock.