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Hello, With these words we would just like to convey all our overwhelmed thanks to all of you who not only considered, but also sent us two autographed pictures. We are deeply grateful and humbled for your compassion. And for the great friendship.

We truly hope there are more RN friends out there who still are considering. You should know you'll really make us unfortunate fellows happy. From the bottoms of our hearts.

With these words we would also like to convey to all of you our deep respect for your hard work - and music.

Wishing you all the best of luck in all your projects! Hoping to hear from you soon.

/Bengt-Ake and Malte.

To our fans over seas!

From the blog of http://www.reverbnation.com/7l9v9ls:- Just wanted to say thanks for the support... We are glad that our songs mean that much to you guys... Malte and Bengt-ake you guys are the reason that so many get into music... Its like when a song hits you with a force you cant explain , goose bumps appear and you fall right into the music and forget all the bad around you and for the next 4 minutes your in a whole different world. That is why I do what I do... its not the money LOL!!! (what money lol) its the passion and love for music and the escape it offers!!! Thanks guys for all the good vibes!! BIG D (drummer for 7l9v9ls)

Autographed photos ?!?

Dear masters of great sound,

My name is Malte. I suffer from multiple disabilities, and need help with most things. I spend my days here at this home for the disabled, and there isn't much I am able to do, even though I would love to get outdoors some time. I envy those who do sports. I would have loved to try soccer. Or just walk in the forest. But I am unable.

My greatest sadness was when my parents left me here and I became an orphan. That was some years ago, though. I'm grown up now. Still it hurts me sometimes, my mom and dad was everything to me, I didn't know anything else at the age of 6 when they left me here. I remember I waited, and waited, and waited for them to come and bring me away from this Hell on Earth for a 6 year old. Or just come to give me a hug. But they never showed up since. Not even at birthdays or Christmases. Not even a postcard greeting! Tears come sometime when I see others who live here when they get visitors and and all happy smiles. These things goes for my best friend here, Bengt-Ake, too.

Our lives are not worthy, being more or less paralyzed, getting bedsores, needing assistance with almost everything, it's not at all worthy. It's miserable. No - it isn't. easy to stay strong under such circumstances. If only we would have had the possibility, we would have had commit suicide long time ago.

Music is a good way to lighten our minds up, though. Internet, RN, FaceBook, YouTube and other places are our ways to get out from the darkness, to discover great music, enjoy great music, appreciate the hard work people lay down on their music. When we hear something we really love, we try - depending to our abilities- to contact the people behind that music as much as we can to tell them how much we adore their music. Kindness and warm words spread more kindness and warm words, right?. That's what our Mother Earth need this days.

We pay much respect to all those who devote their lives into making great music. Truly we do. We know it is a lot of labour.

If you'd like to place a smile on the faces, and happiness in the hearts of us two unfortunate fellows, please would you consider to send us two autographed pictures of yours? One for my friend Bengt-Ake, and one for me, Malte. Our personal assistants are kind enough to put any autographed picture we may receive in frames and have them placed on the walls in our private rooms, something for us to enjoy watching, while we listen to your music - music that make us happy. .The frames are in size A4 (8x11") so please try to send us something in that size. If at all possible.

Please let me know if you want something from us in return. We hope you can feel some compassion.

The adress where both photos could be sent :-


Malte Aronsson,

Noleredsvãgen 11-D #1002,




1000 thanks in advance!

Respectfully yours, Malte.


Bengt-Ake gives his best greetings to you, too! Of course!

With these words, we convey all our best and heartfelt greetings and wishes for a very bright future to you, and also to all those you have near your hearts.

Take care & stay cool.

Sweet Crystal
Sweet Crystal  (over 3 years ago)

Can you accept CDs of our music?

Badger Road
Badger Road  (over 3 years ago)

Pics will be on the way! Excited to be your friend!!

James Christian Andersen
James Christian Andersen  (over 3 years ago)

Hey Malte

I am sending your phot-autographs to you on Monday- Thank you so much and I wish both of you well. Hope the music is beneficial-I know it is for me.

APRIL DIVINE  (over 3 years ago)

Hi Malte and Bengt-Åke!

We will send you a postcard. We'll sign it at our next reherasal when we get together ( in a week.)

Tnx for staying positive and stay strong!
Best /April Divine (Jocke, Johnny, Emil, Elmer)

RAIN DAY V  (over 3 years ago)

I will send something soon my friend! Two 8x11 autographed glossy pics and a mp3 stick with some my tunes..Peace !

King Minotaur
King Minotaur  (over 3 years ago)

Hello, this is Alan from King MInotaur. Thanks for noticing our web page. We are barely organized enough to have a Reverbnation page, so we don't yahave any 8x10 pohotos. I can send the photo fo the ancient vase if you have an email address!

Alan Caggiano
King Minotaur

Mike Shoe
Mike Shoe  (almost 3 years ago)

Will send you two signed CDs in the next days!
All the best from Berlin, Mike

Monet (the Duo)
Monet (the Duo)  (almost 3 years ago)

We'll send off two signed CDs in the next few days for you both.
Monet xx

Marco Araujo
Marco Araujo  (almost 3 years ago)

Hello Malte Aronsson, I'm on tour, are 2 more months on the road, so take off again enter in contact with you, to tell him I sent the photos.
Hugs, Marco Araujo

Fremont John
Fremont John  (over 2 years ago)

Thank you Malte and Bengt-Ake, for your photo request. I absolutely feel honored and a bit unworthy. By living through what you have, you are much stronger than I. It would be my pleasure to send you each, a signed CD. If I can find a photo, (I just moved to a new residence and my stuff is in a complete mess), I will send that, too. Prayers and best wishes for you both, Fremont John

Kings Valentine
Kings Valentine  (over 2 years ago)

Hello guys!!
It was very heartwarming to read your message to my band Kings Valentine. I will be honored to have some photos sent your way when we can. Thank you so much for the honor of this request. Please stay in touch. - German

Nil Galliguer
Nil Galliguer  (over 2 years ago)

Hey there guys! We, independent artists, we feel happy to bring love to you with our photos, autographs, songs and truths. My autographed photos are on the way.
We are together and we will win all the challenges of this life. Strength!

Cooker  (about 2 years ago)

Thats my bigest honor to send you and also i admire that you feel joy and light in music, so asap :D