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Tyrin Ashby / Blog

All From My Head (First Typed Rap Ever )

im tyrin ashby, i am a beast, been a rapper since the age of 13. naw dawg i think its been longer then tht, but i dont care i got my fitted hat. while im in my closet listenin to music, take all ur lines man, im might just use it. fitted hat, black flag. if u mess wit me u might be a fag. cuz um... i dont play wit lil boys. if u got the beat ready, i'll bring the noise. man i put in work, if u dont think so, ask ur baby girl. if she come over, she be in my world. haha, nd my game on lock. im patiently waintin, watchin the clock, cuz once i hit the studio i b at the top. at the top of my game. i could care less bout yall nd the fame. as long i get wat i deserve, yea thts money. if u feelin jumpy, imma make u hop like bunny. i bet u sayin tht im weird. if u got beef on me, im rite here. dont get outta the car, i'll punch u in the ear. wait...imma hit u in the face, thn imma get my girl to spray u wit mace. if u wanna go keep a steady pace, yull end up layin on the ground in one place. yea, imma move to the next one. this is outta my head, its freestyle son. now imma take tht one nd tht one to. really i dont care if repin red or blue. killin people isnt my style. i just rap, make my fans go wild. so im outta here, leave me a message. comment me, thnks a good blessin.

For My Dead Homie ( Adam Tarr )

Now tht u gone, things are different. readin u a book, make an inference. Now tht u gone, u live in the sky. nobody was really ready to tell u bye. im makin this song, now my heart cries. Man, its just so hard. we had the ideas to try to get far. ur gone, u never had the chance. Boy, im skate rap nd even try to dance. Boy, imma live our dream. the good life, the opposite of scream. cuz uh... u n me planned it. now i have to go do it. solo, its the way i do it. u were my partner, there aint no homo. God done took u, now its my turn to go. i aint weak, broken down, or slow. im doin this for the world to kno. U were the good guy, tried to help no matter what. U went thru the pain nd the cut. U were always in charge, always on my butt. Bout everything, no matter what situation. Now imma tare the beat up for u, annihilation. Tore it up so bad tht im at the police station. Waitin, for my time. to tell the whole world tht these rhymes r mine. Yea, but they only for u. u were one of the only only cool dudes. Man, u taught me alot. Should have listen to u, nd not touch the pot. if it wasnt for u, i would have forgot. Now cuz of u imma make it to the top. I listened to rap, while u listened to rock. But in the end u let the bottles pop. Haha, tht was the times tht were good. We acted like we were from the hood. But how did we do tht wen we lived in bainbridge. We walked the train tracks, nd crossed the bridge. i cant really tell u how much we did. Lookin up to the sky askin for u to tell me. We were sidekicks now i lost u. Since ur gone, my hearts gone to.

Compound (Kasper nd Tyrin Original)

Guess who? Haha. Yea, uh. We’re back on the top, never afraid to drop.The boys rapping with me, you’ll never shake his spot.He doesn’t flake or rot, so I can sit and watch, go ahead…Take it up a notch. x3 (what was tht joey) Ok, he said the we back on the top nd deffinintly not afraid to drop. I aint droppin, all the fakers get popped. Yea, nd Kaspers on the hook. yall mess with him, ur lives will get took. uh, nd i look right through ya. When u on the street, i book right through ya. Runnin my fastest, to reach my dream. I let God take me to the top like a laser beam. I cant believe it, i got haters already. I bet they love me in they dreams, im just like Freddy. Haha, i just came to sneek em. If they want, me nd Kasper will beat them. Uh, nd i aint playin no game. Yall just doin the same old thang. Yea, im from the east. I call it T-Town because i am a beast. Girls just want us, but they wishin we were older. Me nd Kasper, yea we takin over. It aint over n e time soon. I be throwin parties with my goons. We’re back on the top, never afraid to drop.The boys rapping with me, you’ll never shake his spot.He doesn’t flake or rot, so I can sit and watch, go ahead…Take it up a notch. x2 Kasper drops the beat, then i break it down. We like the fly boys of E-Town. We just look so fresh. scopein out the place to see wats girls next. We aint really like tht. I love my girl Ashlee, i hope she rogers tht back. Back from the start, up to the finish line. I dont care whos it is, imma make this track mine. Imma make this track nine. Then, imma buy her everything, just make her look so fine. So fine, she my number 1 dime. We playin all the time, i swear she loves me. If anything imma put her right above me. Haha, but now im in a struggle. Im liftin the beat up, just like the space shuttle. Yea, imma make this beat stop. Make everyone look up, cuz we made it to the top. We’re back on the top, never afraid to drop.The boys rapping with me, you’ll never shake his spot.He doesn’t flake or rot, so I can sit and watch, go ahead…Take it up a notch. x2

I Want Her (Baby By Me Beat)

Uh, uh, uh, uh. i rather be corrupted by the one i love. Even tho its like bow wow, puppy love. Imma keep on remembering that nite, just to get a kiss i didnt have to fight. Now im fightin for tht girl, yea its you. I want u to win, to be my boo. Guys get in the way, i dont care who. They dont kno wat a nigga like me do. Snatch them up and throw them away, cuz i want everyday to be our day. Uh, i aint playin around, girl u got me so up nd down. Let me be the man in your life tht u need. Im liken u nd u liken me. Please, i wanna be closer to ur heart. I didnt even kno u liked me from the start. Yea, tht nite changed me alot. Even in the basement smokin tht pot. I want to be more then just a friend. I want to be wit u until the end. Girl, i dnt kno wat else to say, but imma keep on rappin the nite away. now im really hopen to see ur beautiful face the very next day. She's so beautiful, i like her. She's so beautiful, i want her. She's so beautiful, i like her. I, I want her. I want her. (x2) Ur, like the princess, it's the dragon im slayin. Imma protect u girl i aint playin. I may not have money, or a car, but in to life baby imma get far. With my raps, with my rhymes, wit you in my head almost all the time. Girl, i don't ever wanna cry, nd there aint no explanation y. imma be doin tours across the land. I want u with me so i can hold your hand. Age baby, its nothin but a number. Thats one of the things i want u to remember. What the hell is three years apart. I can be romeo, i'll play that part. So who u gonna be, i hope juliet. Ur life just started, it aint over yet. Now, im kinda soundin, just like Drake. To find your love, i'll do wat ever it takes. Girl, i dont care, u can raise the stakes. like i said before i will do wat ever it takes. Girl for u i would read this out loud. Imma be nervous but i hope to make u proud. After that, i should get a kiss. Cuz the ones from u, r the ones that i miss. She's so beautiful, i like her. She's so beautiful, i want her. She's so beautiful, i like her. I, I want her. I want her.(x3)

Up and Coming (Errtime Beat)

ok, im back on the seen. see me cruisin in a limosen. now im so p.i.m.p., if u dont kno me im Mr. Ashby. Yea, im so damn fresh. Even if ur girl might b my next. All i gotta do is send her tht text. We just might end up havin WOAH. Haha, and im so damn kool. Got the guys in the place lookin like a fool. I took they girls b4 cuz they tools. Now they jumpin in the backyard pool. Got the nike's, and the B on my lid. Even though the damn things just to big. But the ladies love it, idk y. they just wanna love me errtime role by. So wat, i cant help tht im hot. maybe ur girl just left u to rot. Im T.Y.R.I.N. yea, thts wat ur girl callin. She's kno's tht im better. Yea boy, im hotter then the wheather. My lyrics, their like my sweat. My skills are like my shoes with the check. My flow, call it my chain. Me, attractin all the haters man. Ask all the girls, they kno imma beast. if u wanna fight, i b livin in the east. E-town, yea i call it T-Town. Come n get a quick beatdown. Got my n***as and my homies. Im like the king, u kno u cant own me. Im the king, i dnt need a queen. I'd rather have one for halloween. U aint scarin nothin, i aint ever afraid. Yall aint gettin nothin, tht y u pantie raid. U guys actin like freshmen. I b attackin yall just like the X-men. Wolverine, naw im the Tha Al!3N. Wat yall hearin is me freestylin. Thts rite, straight outta my head. Now ur girl wants me to lay in her bed. Yea, we b up all nite. she aint given up without a fight. Soon, imma knock her ass out. She aint wakin up for while, theres no doubt. Now u wanna kill me like the Grim Reaper. F**k wit me and boy u b a sleeper. Back in my flow nd my career. Got the ladies sayin c later dear.

T.O.A. ( Tyrin Over Anyone )(D.O.A. Beat)

Yea nigga, im the newest lyricest. Im the next best thing, there aint no comparin it. Better shut ur mouth, or its blood, u b wear in it. Put plates in ur mouth, bitch u aint sayin shit. U keep talkin man u gonna get hit. From beatin u up imma get ripped. Ur girls a waitress, ima give her my tip. Suck me so hard she gave herself a fat lip. Yea, love and back pains nigga. I gotta girl, she's more like a gold digga. She went black, she aint ever goin back wigga. She's wit me cuz she knows ima real nigga. I gotta her picture in my mind like a por-trait. I b makin niggas run, up the heart rate. I send niggas out like they short bait. But i take the haters, reverse they hate. If they dont change, i take they fate. Pop pop, ur niggas dead its too late. Candle lit service for the dead one. But its T.O.A., Tyrin Over Anyone. UH. Yea mother fucka, yall just easy. U kno i cant sang but i can get C Breezy. Rappin mother fucka, ill get Lil Weezy. I need a producer, Jermain Dupreezy. But he's workin wit um... bow weezy. My lyrics are gettin hot, damn they off the heezy. Got all the girls wishin... they could please me. But i still have A.K.B. wit me. See me mother fucker, im like a missle. I dont get girls with a fuckin wistle. Me, personally, i just walk up nd kiss'em. Tell them i got a girl, then i dismiss'em. Im Tyrin Ashby repin the 717. U think im the devil, but bitch im from heaven. So u better turn around nd start repentin. Before its ur head tht ima start dentin. Creep up on u like im Danny Fenton. Ima fly thru the sky, like im jetin. Once again the verse is finally ovea. So i ain't discuss this shit wit Hova. UH. 3rd verse nigga, ur heads in a dozy. U kno im the king, nobody can rule me. I stand up tall, im in the line of duty. Im like 50 Cent, nobody can shoot me Or been shot 9 times, i dont got proof u see. I b like lil wayne, i b steady mobbin. U better cover up, its ur house tht im robbin. U better not snitch, its ur brain i b poppin. Ima real nigga, even tho im 16. I dont need my lyrics to prove tht im mean. I can shave ur hair, make u Mr. Clean. Now how big r u, the size of a bean. Yall just weak, i make ur girls moan. I guess she's using yall like deoterint, red zone. I dont need ur girl tho, i go my own. I care for my girl, i dont just go n bone. What u gonna do wit this wen im done. I might just party up, but not without my gun. Almost got shot, but bitch i didnt run. So now tht the mixtape is made, i think im done. I did this just to prove im the one.