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Vendetta Promotions will be turned into Sukkubus Promotions soon!

I am having to change the name of Vendetta Promotions, as it's already been taken by another person. I've decided to turn it into Sukkubus Promotions and revamp things a little. Be looking out for it!

Looking for Bands From the Following States;

Looking for up and coming or unsigned bands from: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arizona.

I'm interested in promoting and even helping book shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas!

\m/ Vendetta Promotions is now back in FULL FORCE! \m/

Please find my promotion page on Facebook if you are an up and coming band OR if you need more support and would like to build your fan base.

I am working on the DFW/TX local scene but also have another project in the works for out of state bands.

Currently, I am compiling a list of bands I will promote and have been quietly going to shows, etc to rate and screen each one.

I am picky, but give me a shot and let's make something happen!!

-V, Vendetta Promotions