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ok so i've decided...

I have decided that I am bored and I am going to write notes on here when this feeling occurs. So, the following are the events of my very frustrating day. haha. I went to Psych class and learned about dyslexia...and did a lab to see how it would feel to have this. My conclusion: I have freakin dyslexia! haha...i thought the lab was easy! haha. Anyway, the next class was sociology and we had a uiz on notes that we havent even taken yet...grrr...stupid professor! Then I went to Art and listened t freakin classical music for 2 hours...almost fell asleep...didn't feel like I got much accomplished...ugh! I then wasted my time going to Math for a review session...didn't help at ALL! So I went to Dairy Queen with Lish and Sash. And now I am here typing thsis note...haha... The End