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my step son's girl friend has been accepted to work with some of the most well-known artists, teachers, conductors, and directors in the cosi program in Sulmona, Italy! ... she is trying to raise money to help with cost of traveling ..her goal is $5000 .. If you are able to help .. please click on the link .. any amount would help her get that much closer to her goal http://www.gofundme.com/620vno


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Some of our sites facts

- A majority of the artists have been added by following @vandervonk, @irmusiclover and @sharethemusicca on Twitter

- We have received requests from artists from our several social media accounts such as Facebook,Reverbnation,Myspace,Twitter,Linkedin,google + etc

- Some are big names others are the little ones that are getting noticed world wide

-Several management companies have come to us asking to add some of their clients to our site

- Our website was launched on May 20,2013 and our Facebook page on May 17,2013

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