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ArenaCast E-94!

Episode 94 highlights three songs in this weeks Facebook poll and also features 10 songs by artists from England, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, and America in various different genres.


Represent to you a new episode of Arena Cast!

Episode 93 features 10 songs by artists from Scotland, America, England, Sweden, Norway and Australia in various different genres. By the way - congrats to all my friends who had become parties of the podcast episode 93;) Listen the Newest Podcast via the link http://randrworld.com/podcast-episodes.php?podcast=1&episode=93

Listen to ArenaCast E-91!

Episode 91 features the world premiere of the song "Killer" by the UK band Vice, along with 9 other songs by artists from England, America, the Netherlands and Greece.


R&R Podcast

Friends, we have published some new episodes of our weekly podcast. Everyone who wants to listen (and perhaps become part of our podcast;)), we suggest to visit the podcast page: http://randrworld.com/podcast-episodes.php?podcast=1&episode=90

Listen to ArenaCast E-87

Episode 87 highlights new albums by The Horrible Crowes, George Strait, WU LYF and Peter Wolf Crier, while featuring 10 songs by artists from Denmark, America, England, Australia, Canada and Croatia.


ArenaCast E-86

Hi, here we have a new podcast episode! http://randrworld.com/podcast-episodes.php?podcast=1&episode=86 Congratulations to all my friends who got in ArenaCast E-86:)

Listen to ArenaCast E-85

Hello Friends. I want to draw your attention to the new episode of ArenaСast http://randrworld.com/podcast-episodes.php?podcast=1&episode=85

My congratulation to Spacewalk (http://www.reverbnation.com/spacewalkmusic) with a hit in the podcast. Good luck to all, who applied for the next episode of ArenaCast)