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Music and Literature

I love music. Music is always with me. But what happens when, because of mood or lyric or sound or whatever, this music gets so deep into me? Well, poetry and stories start to flow from brain to ink. Lyrics are poetry, writing, imagination and feeling. Music is the transaltion and heart of the lyrics. Together they become a symphony of literature. That's what it is. Music = literary symphony. When you listen to any musician think and remember that you are experiencing a literature of sounds and frequencies.

On Music

Times, styles, places, age, distance, language and so on.... None of this matters when it comes to music for it is one of the things that brings an immense ammount of things to one's life. Depending on mood, moments, feelings, and situations, music can move your entire inner world making it better or worse. It may work as therapy; it is a joy; it takes you to different worlds and dimensions. It can kill you or make you live. In the end, it is always inside you working on your soul, brain and heart. Music cannot be ignored. Never. It has been, is, and will always be there. It is up to people how they take it, use it and embrace it. In my case, I cannot live without music, I'd be dead. It is one of my major obsessions and loves. I have a tremendous urge for listening to new stuff all the time, and the old one as well. So.... I'm not the best critic on music. However, music moves all of me. It is my main inspiration for writing. It is that special thing that makes me live every day differently thanks to those musicians that share their talents, lyrics, sounds and more =)